Walt Disney World Buses and Other Transportation

The Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks and other entertainment areas can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors per day, and moving them around the property efficiently is a major logistical challenge. While you can drive your own car if you prefer, Disney operates an extensive fleet of more than 300 buses which can (and usually do) transport guests quickly and efficiently from the resorts to the theme parks and other destinations within the Walt Disney World area.

The buses start running at approximately 6:30am, with a regular 20-minute services running from about an hour before park opening until roughly 1½ hours after each park has closed, or until the last guests have been picked up, to make sure that everyone gets home safely. Downtown Disney buses start running at about 8:30am and continue until 2am. Special buses for guests attending Character Breakfasts start at around 7am (or half an hour before the earliest reservation times) but please advise the bus driver of when and where you are eating, and allow at least 45 minutes before your check-in time, ideally more.

Once the buses leave the resort area after all the local pickup stops, the journey times are fairly short. You should be at the Magic Kingdom within about 15 minutes, Epcot or Disney Hollywood Studios will take about 10-12 minutes, while Animal Kingdom is the furthest away at about 20 minutes.

The two Port Orleans resorts often share a common bus service, although at very busy times — such as first thing in the morning or just after a fireworks display at park closing time — each resort may have separate direct buses (Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney rarely have separate bus services). Disney uses a GPS tracking system to monitor its fleet and they also check the current queue lines to determine when and where extra services are needed, so you should never be left waiting for too long – although after a long day walking around Epcot, “too long” can become a somewhat subjective term!

Port Orleans French Quarter Bus Stops

The two Port Orleans French Quarter bus stations

The two Port Orleans French Quarter bus stations

The “Blues” and “Jazz” bus stations at Port Orleans French Quarter are located right outside the main Port Orleans Square building, just on the right hand side as you exit from the main building.

French Quarter bus information signage

French Quarter bus information signage

The first station (A) is the stopping point for buses to Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Downtown Disney while the second station (B) handles the buses destined for the Magic Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios. Note: the daytime Downtown Disney buses stop at Typhoon Lagoon en route, while the Animal Kingdom buses also serve Blizzard Beach.

Except for the Magic Kingdom route, after the buses leave French Quarter they normally go on to pick up at the Riverside resort before continuing on to their final destination, especially during off-peak daytime hours. Please be aware that collecting from all four Riverside Depots can add 10-15 minutes to your journey before the bus finally heads off to its destination.

Port Orleans Riverside Bus Stops

The Riverside ‘South Depot’ bus stops

The Riverside ‘South Depot’ bus stops

The main (South Depot) bus stop at Port Orleans Riverside is located on the right as you exit from the Sassagoula Steamboat Company main building, just outside the rear exit of Fulton’s General Store. It is one of the few locations on Walt Disney World property that is trialling a new Wait Time screen, which displays the currently expected arrival times for buses for each of the parks.

The first station (Blue Bayou Platform) is the stopping point for buses to Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Downtown Disney while the second station (River Delta Platform) handles the buses destined for the Magic Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios. Note: the daytime Downtown Disney buses stop at Typhoon Lagoon en route, while the Animal Kingdom buses also serve Blizzard Beach.

There are three further bus stops located around the Sassagoula Circle perimeter road, with about a two-minute drive between each stop:

The other buildings are probably best served by the main South Depot but please check the resort map to see which stop would be closest for your particular room.

The Routing Dilemma

Magic Kingdom bus leaving Riverside

Magic Kingdom bus leaving Riverside

The exact route that the buses take around the resort can vary somewhat, even during a single day, as the dispatch system is computer assisted and the buses are tracked around property using a GPS locator system. New buses can be added to a route if a driver reports that there are long lines at a particular location and guests are being left behind, and routes can also be adjusted based on other factors such as driver shift changes, etc. So think of the follow as not so much Rules but more Guidelines.

Generally, the Magic Kingdom buses operate separate services from Riverside and French Quarter. The Riverside buses usually arrive at the West Depot first, then do North Depot, East Depot, South Depot and then back to the Magic Kingdom.

Most of the other parks have combined POFQ/POR services (except at some busy times, such as park opening or closing) and the normal route is Theme Park(French Quarter)South DepotWest DepotNorth DepotEast DepotTheme Park. Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney rarely have separated services and French Quarter and Riverside almost always share.

Some Epcot buses are currently trialling an experimental route, via an alternate service road, of EpcotEast Depot(French Quarter)South DepotWest DepotNorth DepotEpcot.

Generally speaking, Riverside guests are probably best to choose either the South Depot or the stop closest to their room, but for Magic Kingdom buses in particular there is a lot of merit in selecting the outer stops over the South Depot, as that way the bus is less likely to be full when it arrives at your stop. The East Depot is usually the least crowded. But remember, Guidelines not Rules!

Operational Information: It might help to understand how the Disney bus system works if you realise that the buses do not technically run from a resort to the parks and back, but rather from a specific park to the resorts and back. While this might sound like a purely semantic difference, the operational ‘Hubs’ from which the buses are despatched are located at all of the parks and at Downtown Disney (plus a few backup locations, one of which is at French Quarter by the way). Thus a bus which comes from Animal Kingdom needs to return to its own base hub, even if there are a lot of guests at the resort waiting to go to a different destination. The buses are routinely re-routed from their hubs, based on demand, but generally cannot switch to a different park destination once they get to a resort.

Return Transportation

All of the theme parks, water parks and Downtown Disney have separate waiting areas clearly marked for every resort. With the exception of the Magic Kingdom, Disney mostly operates a combined service for the two Port Orleans resorts, so just look for signs indicating the “Port Orleans” waiting area. During busy periods however — such as at park closing time — the two resorts may have their own separate service, so watch out for waiting signs for “Riverside” and “French Quarter”. The destination will also be indicated on illuminated displays on both the front and the sides of each bus.

Transferring Between Disney Resort Hotels

Unfortunately, while Disney’s bus service is generally pretty efficient at getting you to the parks, it’s not so well designed for quick transportation between the various resort hotels.

If you’ve got a meal booked at one of the other resort hotels for example, the only way to get there by Disney transportation is to first take a bus to one of the theme parks or Downtown Disney, and then change to a second bus to get you to your required hotel. Generally, you need to allow yourself at least an hour to do this, and it is a good idea to avoid changing at a theme park around its closing time as you may experience long waits.

An Epcot bus arriving at the ‘East Depot’ in the Magnolia Bend area

An Epcot bus arriving at the ‘East Depot’ in the Magnolia Bend area

If you’re going for a meal at the Contemporary Resort — such as Chef Mickey’s — first get a bus to the Magic Kingdom and then walk over to the Contemporary, it’s only a few minutes away from the bus stop.

For the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge or Fort Wilderness you may find that catching one of the small local ferry boats which dock just in front of the Magic Kingdom will be quicker than waiting for a second bus. The monorail is also a good option for the Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian (with stops occurring in that order).

For the Epcot area resorts — Yacht and Beach Clubs, Boardwalk, Swan/Dolphin — first get the bus to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and then take the free ferry boat service from the dock just outside the theme park gates. This will mostly be quicker than the alternative of walking all the way from the front of Epcot, and it does not require theme park admission.

If you’re trying to get to an early character meal and you don’t have access to a car then it may be worth considering getting a taxi, which will probably cost you around $10-$15 but will make your journey a lot less stressful.

Waiting Times and Tips

One of the problems with the Port Orleans resort is its sheer size. There are more than 3,000 rooms spread out over a very large area, with a total of five bus stops servicing them all. It doesn’t take much imagination to realise that there are occasions, especially when the parks are very busy, that the bus service can become a little... well, shall we say “strained”? (See also the FAQ entry on this subject)

For more information on any of the Disney bus routes or timetables, call 1-407-WDW-RIDE (1-407-939-7433).


Public Transportation Options Outside of Disney

The LYNX company provides a useful public bus service in and around the Orlando area, including one route which serves Walt Disney World. Check out their website for more details: www.golynx.com.

Two of the most useful services for Disney guests are the Link 50 which runs from Walt Disney World to Sea World, along part of International Drive and then to downtown Orlando, and the Link 111 which serves Sea World, the Florida Mall and Orlando International Airport (but no longer goes as far as Walt Disney World). Both services run every 30 minutes or so and route maps and timetables can be found at Link 50 service and Link 111 service.

The two easiest Disney pickup points for the Link 50 are at the Transportation and Ticket Center (next to the Magic Kingdom’s parking lot monorail and ferry terminals) or more conveniently for Port Orleans guests, at Downtown Disney just opposite the Disney bus stops near to the Rainforest Cafe (there is a LYNX request stop just over the road on Buena Vista Drive, right next to the traffic lights for Hotel Plaza Boulevard, which is less than five minutes walk from the Port Orleans river ferry dock).

From outside Sea World you can catch the LYNX Link 8 bus (or perhaps the tourist I-Ride Trolley service, although you’ll have to pay extra for that) which runs the length of International Drive. Lynx tickets cost $2 per one-way trip, regardless of distance. If you need to change to another Lynx service for your journey, ask for a transfer ticket.

* * *

Another option would be to the use the Mears shuttle bus service, which costs around $18 per person for a return trip to places like Sea World or Universal. You phone them the day before (on 407-423-5566) to book a pickup time slot and they come directly to your hotel to collect you. Then you phone them again two hours before you want to go home and they’ll give you another time slot for collection.

* * *

Taxis are another alternative, and there are usually cabs waiting just outside the resort, or available very quickly if you get a cast member to call one for you. For an idea of prices check your exact journey in a fare calculator, but as a guideline expect to pay $40-$50 plus tip each way for most of the Orlando area attractions.