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Thanks for popping by to visit this humble little corner of cyberspace, I hope you found the site useful and informative.

So, how exactly did a Brit like myself end up creating what has now become the definitive information site about one specific hotel located more than 4,000 miles away in central Florida? Well back in 1989 I made my first trip to Orlando with my girlfriend and another family, including spending a few days visiting the Walt Disney World theme parks. For this “Trip of a Lifetime” we stayed offsite in a wholly unremarkable Days Inn motel somewhere along International Drive (which has long-since been demolished).

Within a few years we were planning a return visit (of course!) and so in July 1995 we arrived at the new Dixie Landings Resort (as the Riverside area was then named). We had actually first thought to stay at the original Port Orleans Resort (the section now known as French Quarter) as the photos in the travel brochures looked very pretty, but we were unable to get a suitable booking there so we settled on Dixie Landings instead. Since then, we have returned to Walt Disney World roughly once a year, and have always found ourselves drawn back to the southern charm of our favourite Dixie Landings / Port Orleans Riverside.

I had been involved with computer-based communications right from the very early 8-bit machines and modem-based bulletin boards in the 1980s, and subsequently the original rec.arts.disney usenet newsgroup — long before broadband and the world wide web really came into existence. Information was nowhere near as easy to find as it is now, and as the fledgling internet started to develop I found myself constantly answering the same sorts of forum questions about my favourite resort.

Before long, I thought it might be a good idea to put a few of my trip photos and some basic FAQ answers onto a web page in order to create a single point of reference to which I could redirect the most common queries. I asked my friends on the UK Disney information site The DIBB for advice on what to call it, and so on 22 June 2007 I registered the domain name portorleans.org and the first simple pages — basically some maps and a few documents and photos — were live by 1 July 2007. And somehow, all this kinda grew from there...

So from that initial desire to save myself from having to retype the same answers to common questions, the extensive website that you are now browsing came into being. In the meantime I’ve learned more about HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, responsive mobile design, and lots of other geeky technical stuff that is needed to run a website these days. I’ve taken and uploaded thousands upon thousands of photos and created hundreds of pages of resources covering every aspect of this lovely resort. And I’ve made some good friends along the way too.

By its nature, this site will constantly remain a “work in progress” and there will always be more to add, or sections to adjust and update, but I hope you find it a useful resource and will bookmark the site and return regularly to see it evolve. It’s been a fantastic journey, and I hope you enjoy the finished results as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

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--- Andre Willey (site owner/administrator)