2012 Room Rates Released

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2012 Room Rates Released

Unread post by The Sassagoula Sentinel » June 13th, 2011, 7:00 am

Walt Disney World has just released their 2012 room rates through their online booking site. At the time of writing, rooms were only bookable up to 25 October 2012 as there is a maximum 499 day rolling booking window.

The upcoming ‘Royal Room’ category at Port Orleans Riverside is now bookable for stays commencing Friday 17th February (which is when the refurbishment of Oak Manor should be completed) and Disney has also introduced yet another booking category – Garden View – into the already complicated and increasingly pricey mix. This presumably means that anyone paying for a basic room will now most likely end up with a parking lot view.

I will try to put together a full price breakdown as soon as I can [19-Jun: now completed, please see the Room Rates Page for all 2012 prices] but base rates appear to start at $159 weekday / $174 weekend for Value season, going up to $190 weekday / $205 weekend in peak Summer season. Special vacation dates will be even higher, for example $234 for the entire two weeks around Easter and $244 for the Christmas Holidays.

The various special categories add on as follows (well, according to the WDW website, anyway - but when you click on each option, the sums don't always seem to add up quite as shown...)

Normal Rooms
Standard View: ---
Garden View: +$11
Preferred Location: +$28 [Riverside only]
King Bed: +$28
Water View: +$28
River View: +$34

Royal Rooms
Standard View: +$34
Garden View: +$45
Water View: +$62
River View: +$68

There was initially a typo on the WDW website which quoted the final Royal Room price as ‘Garden View’ again, but that has now been changed to the correct ‘River View’ listing. Also, there appear to be no King Bed options in the Royal Room categories, so we must assume that the only choice there is for two queen beds – which does seem logical enough bearing in mind that these rooms are aimed directly at families.

So, finally Disney has made it possible to book a single Port Orleans Riverside (moderate) room for over $300 per night plus tax! Recession, what recession?

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