Scheduled Maintenance and Refurbishment Work

Please remember that maintenance plans and dates are subject to change at any time, and often Disney does not release details of scheduled work until around three months prior to its commencement. Updates will be posted here as and when further information or dates become available, so it would be worth bookmarking or watchlisting this page.

Note: only major projects will be listed here. Other smaller routine works can be expected during any visit, especially during the off-peak winter months, as that’s how they keep the place looking so beautiful for you!

French Quarter Children’s Interactive Water Play Area

Estimated Completion Date: 19 January 2016

Beginning in early October 2015, work commenced on removing the original children’s splash pool at Doubloon Lagoon in order to install a new Interactive Water Feature play area. You may have seen these popping up at other Disney resorts, and now it will be French Quarter’s turn — and I hear from someone who has seen the plans that it should be rather impressive. Don’t worry though, the construction work won’t impact on the main swimming pool facilities at all, including the water slide and the hot tub.

Work was originally scheduled to be completed by 24 December 2015 but permitting issues have delayed the re-opening until 19 January 2016.

Riverside Ol’ Man Island Pool Maintenance

Estimated Dates: 11 January 2016 — 4 March 2016

The Port Orleans Riverside main feature pool on Ol’ Man Island (including the children’s pool and the hot tub) will be closed from 11th January 2016 until 4th March 2016 for routine maintenance work and perimeter fencing modifications. This could potentially run a little longer, but those are the most accurate dates I have at present.

The closure will be limited to the pool area itself (including the kids’ pool, hot tub and Muddy Rivers pool bar). All of the through-route walkways, the children’s playground, the evening campfire and the fishing hole will remain open — although they are saying that some pathways may need to be temporarily closed during the work. The River Roost Lounge in the main building will open a little earlier in the day than normal to compensate for Muddy Rivers being closed, which is not uncommon during January/February anyway as it can get a bit cold for people to sit out by the pool. All of the five quiet pools at Riverside will remain open, as will the French Quarter Doubloon Lagoon pool which may be used by Riverside guests.

Riverside building 85 (Magnolia Terrace) Roofing Work

Estimated Dates: January — July 2016

Roofing refurbishment will commence on the Magnolia Terrace mansion building (building 85) at Port Orleans Riverside in January 2016. This will be the same kind of work that was undertaken on Oak Manor (building 90) during the equivalent time period back in 2014, and so will presumably involve temporary closures of portions of the building on a rolling basis to avoid inconveniencing guests. Even so, guests should be aware that there will probably be scaffolding visible around the work areas, and some daytime noise too. By way of comparison, the Oak Manor work in 2014 took about six months to complete and was finished in mid July (see the 2014 news post).



Guest Room Refurbishments (2010—2012)

All of the guest rooms at Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter were refurbished during 2010—2012 to feature brand new decor, flat-screen TVs and two Queen Beds instead of the old doubles (or one single King Bed if you have booked that option). All of the Alligator Bayou rooms now feature an extra pull-down Murphy bed instead of the old trundle bed. A summary of the last round of construction dates is given below, or you can check out the archive posts in our News Pages for the building-by-building details.

Port Orleans French Quarter
Completed 15 April 2011
1Completed early March 2011
2Completed late March 2011
3Completed 15 April 2011
4Completed February 2011
5Completed January 2011
6Completed 17 December 2010
7Completed 19 November 2010
Port Orleans Riverside, Alligator Bayou Lodges
Completed 1 August 2012
BuildingNotes Scheduled Start Date / Status
14Preferred LocationCompleted 16 December 2011
15Preferred LocationCompleted 25 May 2012
16Completed 4 May 2012
17Completed 11 May 2012
18Preferred LocationCompleted 15 June 2012
24Completed 11 May 2012
25Completed 6 July 2012
26Completed 1 August 2012
27Preferred Location Completed 20 June 2012
28Completed 25 May 2012
34Completed 30 June 2012
35Completed 7 July 2012
36Completed early November 2011
37Completed 19 November 2011
38Completed 9 December 2011
39Completed 22 June 2012
Port Orleans Riverside, Magnolia Bend Mansions
Completed 13 April 2012
80Acadian HouseCompleted 4 August 2011
85Magnolia TerraceCompleted September 2011
90Oak ManorCompleted 9 March 2012
Royal Guest Rooms
95Parterre PlaceCompleted 13 April 2012
Royal Guest Rooms

The next round of guest room refurbishments is not expect to start until 2017. While there are of course no firm details this far out, there are rumours that some changes being considered might include addressing the current storage space issues, replacing the vanity area privacy curtains with themed shutters, and possibly switching from carpets to wooden flooring. Oh, and it’s likely that larger (55 inch?) TVs with more interactive features to provide access to WDW resort-based activities such as dining reservations and FastPass+ will be coming to resort rooms too. But there’s plenty of time for any plans to change several times over in the meantime, so keep watching.