Resort Services and Facilities

Front Desk — Checkin / Checkout

Port Orleans Riverside Refurbished Main Reception Lobby  (Click to scroll, +/- to zoom)

When you first arrive at Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter you’ll need to go to your resort’s Front Desk in the main lobby and give them the booking confirmation details for registration. Officially, rooms are not available until 3pm but the resorts operate a “Ready Room” system and sometimes you may find that a room may be available earlier — it can’t hurt to ask. As a word of warning though, at peak times — and especially at Riverside — this area can get very busy so be prepared for a wait.

At check in you will receive a welcome pack containing your Magic Band(s), a resort information sheet, maps, park hours, details of current promotions, car parking pass, etc. If you want to do some planning before you arrive, recent copies of many of these items — including the Sassagoula Times information sheet — can be found on our Document Downloads page.

At busy times, guests using any of the Disney Disney Plans can pick up their free Rapid Fill refillable mugs from the lobby when they check in, thus avoiding possibly lengthy queues in the food court before getting a first drink.

If your room is not yet ready when you arrive, simply complete all thpaperwork and leave your bags with Bell Services and head off to enjoy the parks or the resort facilities in the meantime. You will be given a welcome pack and your fully operational Magic Band at this time, but you will not be advised of your actual room number as yet. At the specified time you may either phone the resort or return to the Front Desk in person and they will then advise you of your room number. Alternatively, if you leave a mobile phone number they can send you an SMS text message when your room is ready. Once you get to your room, give Bell Services a call and they will deliver your bags. Note: Rooms will be held until 6am the following morning as long as a deposit payment has been made.

A new online checkin facility was launched on 26 February 2009, allowing resort guests to pre-register for their stay via Disney’s website — now up to 60 days in advance of arrival date. The system allows you to provide such information as full guest names, arrival & departure times, on-site (e.g. cell phone) contact details, a credit card number for room-charges and also any special room requests (although, as always, these cannot be guaranteed). Magic Bands can also be customised by colour and a name added for each party member, and USA-based guests will receive their Magic Bands by post a few weeks before their arrival date. A welcome pack, which will include your Magic Bands if they have not been posted, will be waiting at a quick-pickup location located in the resort lobby. For more details, or to use the service, log in to the special My Disney Experience page at

Checkout time is 11am. Again, Bell Services can collect your bags from your room and store them until you are ready to leave which allows you to spend the rest of the day at the parks if you wish. Express Checkout is available if you have already registered your credit card at the front desk, in which case an itemised bill will be left at your room by 8am on your departure day.

It may be possible to extend until your checkout time until 1pm without any extra charge, but this is subject to limited availability — ask at the Front Desk earlier in your stay to see if this option is available. If you need to stay later than 1pm, there will be a charge of 50% of the daily rate.

If you plan to hang around the resort for a while after you’ve checked out — for example if you are taking an afternoon flight — do remember that you still have access to all of the resort facilities. This includes use of the swimming pools, and there are free towels and changing facilities provided at both of the feature pools.


There are mailboxes located at both front desks and in the shops for sending mail, and you can purchase stamps from the gift shop. The shops have scales to weigh heavier items.

If you want to have letters or packages delivered to you via the US postal service during your stay, Disney recommends you ship to the following central postal address:

    GUEST: Guest or Party Name (with Room Number if known, otherwise check-in date)
    c/o Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside [or Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter]
    Post Office Box 10,000
    Lake Buena Vista
    Florida 32830-1000
However if you want to ship any packages by courier rather than by post, or if you have perishable deliveries such as groceries, then it is best to use the hotel’s street address (2201 Orleans Drive, zip code 32830-8424 for French Quarter or 1251 Riverside Drive, zip code 32830-8514 for Riverside) rather than the PO Box number above. Please advise them if a food delivery will need to be kept refrigerated, and Bell Services can arrange this for you.

If the delivery is for a guest not listed on the reservation, use the name of the primary guest on the reservation. If the guest has not yet checked in, the mail will be held for them. You will get a call or message from the Front Desk to notify you when a package arrives. Do make sure you work your timings out so the package arrives in good time though, you don’t want to miss it!

The resort asks that water deliveries be kept to a maximum of one pack per outer cardboard box, as Wal-Mart and some other companies have started packing two large packs of water into a single outer carton, and these heavy boxes are becoming difficult to handle.

Other Resort Services

Although there are no business bureau or computer rental facilities at either of the Port Orleans resorts, the Front Desk can send and receive faxes for you at a charge. Port Orleans French Quarter also has a small conference room available for hire. The Front Desk can also supply items such as electrical adapter plugs/etc, and other essentials can be purchased from the resort gift shops.

There are film drop locations in both gift shops where you can take your photographic films to be sent off for developing and printing. (This service may have been discontinued due to the prevalence of digital media)

Pay phones are located near the Front Desks in both lobbies, plus close to the restrooms in the food/beverage locations.

ATM machines (cash dispensers) are located in the main lobby area at Riverside and beside the Front Desk at French Quarter, next to the Arcade entrance. Note: As with all such machines in Walt Disney World, there is a charge of roughly $2 per transaction for withdrawing cash.

A concierge (Guest Services) desk is located in each lobby area from which you can get general information, purchase park and other tickets, make dining reservations, etc. Their hours are normally 8am to 8pm, but you can also ask at the main Front Desk when they are closed.


One of the laundry rooms near to the quiet pools in Alligator Bayou

One of the laundry rooms near to the quiet pools in Alligator Bayou

Washing machines and dryers are located in laundry rooms near to each of the quiet pools at Riverside and also behind Mardi Grogs (near to the Doubloon Lagoon pool) at French Quarter. Washing costs $2 per load, and individual portions of various detergents/etc — currently Tide, Clorox, Ultra-Downy and Bounce — are available for a further $1 if you haven’t brought your own. The dryers now cost $2 per hour, but if you have a big load you may still find that you need to use more than one cycle to get your clothes fully dry.

Note: all of the laundry machines near the Port Orleans Riverside quiet pools use coins (quarters) for payment, but as from April 2013 the washers and dryers in the laundry room at French Quarter now ONLY accept credit/debit cards — you cannot use cash there, nor can you pay using a Magic Band.

The location of these laundry facilities is very convenient as you can set a machine load going and then take a relaxing dip in the pool while you’re waiting for it to finish. The machines are available 24 hours, but if you’re a night-owl and plan to use the laundry rooms after midnight you’ll need to take your Magic Band to gain access.

There is also a valet laundry service available weekdays and Saturday for which there should be a large laundry bag in your room. Place your items in the bag and fill out the form and it will be collected and then returned the next day. For express service, drop the bag off at Bell Services before 8:30am and it will be returned by 6:30pm the same day. It might be worth checking the rather expensive price list before you use the facility though!

Disney Valet Laundry Rates — 2009
Dry Cleaning Price Laundry Price
Suits $11.50 Shirts $5.50
3-Piece Suits $12.00 Pants $6.50
Coats $8.00 Socks $2.00
Pants $6.50 Undershorts/Panties $2.00
Jackets $7.50 T-Shirts $4.50
Overcoats $12.50 Sweatsuits $7.50
Shirts $6.25 Pajamas $6.00
Sweaters $7.50 Undershirts & Bras $2.00
Ties $3.50 Handkerchiefs $2.00
Blouses $6.25 Blouses $5.50
Dresses $11.50 Slips $4.50
Gown/Jumpsuits from $20.00 Nightgowns $6.00
Skirts $6.50 Tennis Shorts $5.00
Knit Shirts $5.00
Press only: 75% of Dry Cleaning charge. Silks, linens, pleats: 50% surcharge.
Lined: $1.00. Shirts folded on request: 10% surcharge. Minimum charge: $5.00

Room Facilities

An in-room baby-sitting service is bookable, contact the Front Desk for information. Disney generally recommends using Kids Night Out, but there is also the Fairy Godmother service. Both companies charge by the hour with a minimum of four hours, and Kids Night Out in particular allow you to specify your detailed requirements — even down to the age range and gender of the sitter. The sitters will bring along age-appropriate toys and can look after your children either in the room or take them out to the food court for meals, and then put them to bed if required. Note: sitters are not allowed to take children swimming or bath them for legal reasons.

Complimentary wireless internet access is now available in all guest rooms, plus in the main public areas — lobby, restaurants, areas surrounding the feature swimming pools, bus stops and Porte-Cochère.

The Port Orleans resorts do not provide full room service facilities but pizza delivery is available to all guest rooms and poolside from 4pm to midnight. Phone 1-407-934-5787 or use the button on your room phone. See Sassagoula Pizza Express Delivery Service page for menu options and prices.

Ice machines and snack/drink vending machines are located on each floor of every accommodation building. At French Quarter these are located next to the elevators, and in the Riverside Alligator Bayou section they are located at the junction between the two halves of each Lodge. The Riverside Magnolia Bend mansion buildings have several locations within the central sections of the buildings. Ice buckets are provided in your room.

Snack, drink & confectionery vending machines are located near the ice machines and also at the guest laundry rooms.


There is a separate section on this site for recreation facilities.