Port Orleans Video Clips


LIVE VIDEO from Port Orleans Riverside, view it right here

Thanks to the great folks over at EyesOnEars.com, for the next few days you can enjoy a live video stream of a Garden View from an Alligator Bayou room at Port Orleans Riverside. The feed may not be live 24/7 (might be off overnight for example) and it probably won’t have audio — but when it shows as ‘Live’ below just click on the Play icon in the middle of the video screen to watch the webcast. (Sorry about the adverts, they are an necessary evil of Ustream I’m afraid)

For more information, please visit www.eyesonears.com where you can sign up (for free) to take part in the live internet chat along with other online viewers of the video stream.

Port Orleans Walking Tour

This 35-minute walking tour of both Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside was created by Mike© and his wife in February 2009, in which they explore most of the major features and locations of both resorts, including the accommodation buildings. Click on the Play icon to view.

Please click on the following link to download a full-resolution (856x480) version: PortOrleans-WalkingTour.wmv

Many thanks to both of you for taking time out of your vacation to record this video.


Resort Views

Want to spend a few minutes just watching the view and hearing the sounds from the window of a room at Port Orleans? Here are a few recorded clips originating from the live webcam that broadcast live from Riverside’s Alligator Bayou in late August/early September 2008. Enjoy!

Alligator Bayou Room 1446, 1st September 2008 Alligator Bayou Room 1441, 31st August 2008

Downloadable Higher Resolution Versions

Room 1441 Room 1446
Download 25-minute high-rez clip of the view
from Alligator Bayou Room 1446

(2nd September 2008, WMV 960x720, 336MB)
Download 15-minute high-rez clip of the view
from Alligator Bayou Room 1441

(1st September 2008, WMV 960x720, 171MB)

To view other LIVE video streams from various locations around Walt Disney World, please visit www.eyesonears.com (previously known as DisLive).


Other Guest Submissions

Thanks to Port Orleans French Quarter visitor John Miller for his camera recording of the short information loop which plays on channel 20 of the in-room TV service. As he says, it’s not perfect quality but the information is still very handy. This clip was uploaded on 22 February 2009 and recorded by John a few days earlier. Click on the Play icon to view.

Please click on the following link to download a full-resolution (600x446) copy of this clip if you have any trouble reading the text on the streaming version: POFQ-InRoomTV-InfoChannel20-22-Feb-09.wmv

Test File for new HD Walking Tour

On my last trip I took a whole load of new HD videos at both French Quarter and Riverside. I’m planning to put HD edits up here for downloading (1280x720 30p MP4 files) and also upload YouTube versions via the username portorleansfan. I’ve just created a quick sample from a couple of clips to check that it works for everyone, please let me know via our Discussion Forums if you have any problems - thanks!

The streaming YouTube version is shown below. I’ve embedded it to play as a large HD image, but if you find that the picture stutters try clicking on the HD button at the bottom to switch back to standard definition, or trying using the second version (below).

Large display size, high def:

Smaller display size, standard def: