Building the Boatwright’s Boat

Boatyard photo

It was a hot August day, not very long ago, and there was great excitement and confusion at the Brewers Dauntless Ship Yard. The skilled craftsmen of fine sailing vessels had completed a boat before it was finished.

With the concept of Boatwright’s Restaurant in mind, the designers at Walt Disney World obtained detailed drawings from the Smithsonian Institute of a 46 ft Lugger. Brewers Ship Yard was then commissioned to partially build the sturdy, wooden water craft used for hauling cotton up and down the Mississippi in a by-gone era.

Reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century boat shop, Boatwright’s Restaurant at Disney’s Dixie Landings Resort proudly displays the craft as the shop’s current project. Surrounded by the tools of a shipbuilder’s trade, one begins to sense the history and pride of the ship and her craftsmen.

In this spirit of quality and attention to detail, Boatwright’s Restaurant offers a unique dining experience of authentic cuisine and unmatched service.

--- quoted from a plaque located at the entrance to Boatwright’s Restaurant

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