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First time

Unread post by scottstripp » July 7th, 2013, 6:30 am

Hi, My wife and I are brining our 22 month old daughter to Disney Port Orleans in March 2014 and we are all very excited. One quick question that is puzzling me, we have the Disney Dining Plan - How does the plan work with using the credits in restaurants that accept Disney Plans? I have seen on the Disney website that places that accept them but how many credits does it use up? Thanks

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Re: First time

Unread post by Admin » July 7th, 2013, 7:40 am

Not really a Port Orleans question so you might get better responses in a general Disney forum... but basically you just hand over your room keycard (or tap your 'MagicBand' by then) when it comes time to pay for your meal, and they will deduct 'credits' for your meals from your balance remaining.

Depending on which plan you have chosen, you get varying amounts of three types of credit added to your room account per person per night: Snack credits (e.g. for an ice cream, cake or drink - including buying at snack carts); Quick Service credits (for counter service meals, no need to tip) and Table Service credits (for full sit-down meals, and you'll need to tip here).

There are some limits on what is included within the plan (e.g. entree, dessert, soft drink may be included, but not appetiser or alcoholic drinks) and you need to pay any normal tips too. Signature table-service restaurants use up TWO full-service credits per meal, so are not usually very good value. Your server can tell you the details in advance before you order.

See ... ning-plan/ for more details, but bear in mind the exact features may change for 2014 compared to the 2013 offerings.

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Re: First time

Unread post by scottstripp » July 7th, 2013, 7:48 am

Thanks mate, yeah I know it isn't a resort specific question but I see that you are the "fountain" of all knowledge

Thanks for the info and I am sure I will have other questions before our visit in 241 days times

Thanks again


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Re: First time

Unread post by Thorpy » July 8th, 2013, 2:08 am

To add to what Andre has said, credits are per room, and per trip. So you can "spend" them as you see fit, so you can have 3 meals on one day and 1 the next day, or you can choose to have a day outside of disney and not use credits, then have extra meals on other days to make up. They are valid from when you've checked in, to 23:59 on the day you check out, so still valid even after you've lef the room, but any remaining credits at the end of this day are then simply lost. The default is that each card can charge food credits. (this might be the only way they do it, or they might be able to block some cards, I simply don't know as never asked.) We had teenagers with us and they went off and got their own meal. There was nothing about the system to stop them going having 2 or 3 meals or more likely snacks each if they'd liked.

The only thing we got "pulled up" for was trying to order 5 adult meals when our room and party was 4 Adults and a child. If we'd have split up, and ordered 2 adult meals and then 3 adult meals at the next till, I doub't anyone would have questioned us.

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