French Quarter stay Oct 20-24

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French Quarter stay Oct 20-24

Unread post by Stlcat » October 25th, 2013, 4:41 pm

My wife and I have stayed at the French Quarter several times as it has become are favorite. However, our most recent visit was less than "magical".

First, let me say, we fell in love with Disney after our first visit in 1999. Since then we've regularly visited Walt Disney World and taken two cruises. I also became an admirer of Walt Disney as well as the "Disney Way". We had actually planned to have been on the Disney Magic cruise ship followed by four days at the French Quarter to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, the cruise was abruptly cancelled three days prior to sailing, so I feverishly worked to add additional days at the FQ.

Herein begins the start of our disappointment. WDW reservations was unable to combine the initial reservation with the additional days, which meant we would have to check out and check back in. No problem, right? Upon our arrival, we explained our situation with the cast member. Sure, we got the customary "Happy Anniversary", but no expression of empathy at our dream cruise being cancelled and no offer to combine the reservations or not make us move.

Since our room wasn't ready, we went to Downtown Disney, and eventually received a text message that we needed to see the front desk. We were dining at Downtown Disney at the time and were telling the restaurant manager why we were there. He was so genuinely concerned. So we returned to the FQ, went to the front desk only to have them tell us our room was ready. Again, I explained the situation and this time the cast member did what she could and at least arranged that we wouldn't have to change rooms. Then she mentioned that there was actually a gap of one day between the two reservations. Thankfully she caught this or we may have been without a room. However, again, no expression of empathy or apologies for the cancelled cruise.

After several more less than Disney-like moments in the parks, we decided enough was enough. We decided to cut our anniversary celebration short. So back to the front desk we went, only this time to inquire about canceling. Once again, no empathy and even more surprising NO effort to try and change our minds. All we received was "you will have to call the reservation number yourself." I asked him if there was anyone else I could talk to, he told us to wait, went to the back and returned with a card containing an email address to Guest Communication Services.

Perhaps our expectations for Disney have become too high or too unrealistic. But listening to other guests, I don't think we are alone in our disappointment. Whether it is the housekeeper who had the traditional Mickey towel ears upon arrival but nothing more after that, or the cast members who could have easily sent a small arrangement of flowers or a complimentary meal, the opportunities that were missed led us where we are today - wondering if we will ever return.

I fully realize that Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line are in essence two separate entities and that WDW/French Quarter did not cause the cruise to be cancelled; however, they are Disney, and everyone at Disney has the privilege (yes, I said privilege) to make magic happen.

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Re: French Quarter stay Oct 20-24

Unread post by drad » November 2nd, 2013, 3:16 pm

Our niece and her family went to POR in September (they stay twice a year).She said the resort and even the parks seemed way less busy.Maybe lots of other guests feel less of the Disney magic.

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