Loved our stay!! Nov. 2-6 2011

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Loved our stay!! Nov. 2-6 2011

Unread post by Coldguinness4me » November 13th, 2011, 12:31 pm

We just got back and I have to say our family of four, (Kids ages 7 and 10) loved this resort due to its beauty, nice compact but spacious size and the rooms are newly renovated and beautiful. Last year we stayed at Riverside, which is nice but we like French Quarter better. Our kids loved the pool and had a great time, we went swimming twice, our son loved the slide and they both loved the sea serpant design.

Like I mentioned, the rooms were just renovated this year so all the furnishings in the room are brand new, nice queen size comfortable beds, we brought our own pillows which turned out to be a plus. I read on this site about faxing in a request about building location or room location to the front desk a few days prior to arrival, I did this and they accomadated all of my requests, I requested building # 4 and to be placed on an upper or top floor, We got building 4 on the top floor and the front desk acknowledged that they did get my fax with my requests and it was noted in their system, what a pleasant surprise! This was just great! I requersted building 4 for is ideal location, right next to the main building, shortest walk to the bus stop and next to the pool but not overlooking it, so no pool noise. Depending on where you are placed in building 4, you might hear the occassional beep, beeep, beep of the service delivery vehicles back up beeper early in the morning, we were placed right next to the main building and I could hear it on occassion, no one else heard it, but I tend to be a light sleeper, but this was not a problem since we loved our location, just a few steps to the main building and the bus stop. Tip, ask for building 4 but ask for a location near the elevator, this is on the other end of building 4 from where we were and a little farther away from the main building.

We ate once at the Sassagoula Floatsworks and Food Factory for lunch and loved the food, had an awesome Shrimp Po Boy sandwich and my wife has to have a gluten free diet and the Manager spoke with her and went over everything she could have, she was super excited about the one on one attention she recieved. wew were on the FREE Disney Dining Plan, highly recommend to take this offer when it's available!

No issues with the bus transportation, less than 15 miunte wait coming and going from the resort and parks, and very rarely did we share a bus with Riverside.

We highly reccomend this beautiful resort, would definately stay here again!

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Re: Loved our stay!! Nov. 2-6 2011

Unread post by Admin » November 13th, 2011, 1:47 pm

Glad you had a good time, and that they received and acted upon your building request fax.

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Re: Loved our stay!! Nov. 2-6 2011

Unread post by nicklesm17 » February 18th, 2012, 2:29 am

Coldguinness4me wrote: No issues with the bus transportation, less than 15 miunte wait coming and going from the resort and parks, and very rarely did we share a bus with Riverside.
you know, we stayed there for 10 days, checking out about when you did. i noticed the same thing. this was the best year ever for bus service. i wonder if this was a fluke, or they fixed something?
the only bad bus experience we had was being forced to sit unmoving on the road until v.p. biden and his motorcade made it "safely" through the area (hardly disney's fault, but ridiculous all the same).

still, i found this good bus service unusual. my wife and i commented on it more than once during the trip. it was almost too good. afterwards i referred to it as our "lucky" trip, but hearing this from you, perhaps this is not singular to us, and something we can hope to see on next oct/nov's trip?
here's keepin' the finger's crossed!

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