10/1 - 10/6 POR Trip report

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10/1 - 10/6 POR Trip report

Unread post by shoemakers4 » October 7th, 2013, 11:52 pm

Where do I start?! We read everything we could about POR on here and it's 99% dead on!! Thank you Andre!!! This trip was just the wife and I (leaving our 7 yr old twins behind... it was their idea) and our adventure started when we stepped off the Magical Express around 11am. I HIGHLY suggest utilizing their luggage service if you can. We were traveling from Detroit and it was perfect. Walked straight from the plane all the way through MCO (utilizing Magic Bands) we never had time to even stand before we were on a bus singing M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! We planned for the checked luggage not to be there so we walked straight to check-in (did have to wait as it was a busy day for arrivals) and the staff was awesome! Since we didnt check-in ahead of time we actually arrived to the shorter of two lines (one being online check-in and the other being standard check-in). They informed us of the fridge situation, scanned our Magic Bands, created our PINs for the Magic Bands, didnt assign a CC to it (and I'd suggest NOT doing that unless you plan for EVERYTHING to be charged to THAT CARD!), and finally we ran into a "snag". Not a big one at all because we're flexible but we requested a 1st floor Alligator Bayou. Didnt mind what building but the wife loved that theme. What we got was room 8068 in Acadia house. Seriously?! There was no budging. We had reserved and paid off our rooms before June and this happens?! That was no biggie as again, we're flexible and it might have actually played in our favor.

We get to our room, we have a rather "plain" room compared to Alligator Bayou but it was cold, clean, and had a Mickey in towels laying at the foot. Mickey makes any room better! It wasnt the best location but we made due. 2 lights were burned out when we arrived, one over the bed and one over the sink (which was my side, of course). Our staff did eventually replace the bed one but never changed the sink one after a few notes and leaving the lights on twice so they could see it. Not a big deal, but seriously?! The king bed was comfortable and the room had plenty of space. The fridge had plenty of space for what we needed. The wife and I agreed it would be best described as an oversized dorm fridge with adjustable shelves. Ours did not have a "freezer box" but glad it didnt as those often take up too much space in a fridge. Our room was quiet and the only noises we heard were the landscapers and the water running (toilets and showers) of the other rooms. Overall VERY VERY similar to a high class Best Western, I'm saying that as a compliment. Besides the burned out bulbs my only complaints about the rooms would be that the staff was VERY well tipped yet the only "magic" we received in our room was when they reused one of our dirty (on the floor) towels to recreate the same Mickey rings.

On to the grounds. Just amazing! It's a very well designed layout, however, I'd highly suggest touring everything BEFORE making plans. Get a feel for where you are in person and not just on a map. Those walks are longer than you expect so dont rush yourself. We never utilized the Ol' Man Island except to walk to the main buildings. But it looked very fun for everyone! Loved the music!! Plus, do yourself a favor and check out Bob Jackson. Nobody rocks a piano like him! Inside the main building take some time and look around. SERIOUSLY! Look for all the references to Dixie Landings (the resort's prior name). I found a few and I'm sure there's more. Didnt eat at the table service so no comments, but the boat is awesome. Check it out! The quick service is very enjoyable when comparing to how it works at the quick services in the parks! However, watch the schedules posted at the indoor entrance. There's plenty of seating and plan to miss the rush by a few minutes. You'll be happier! Speaking of seating, I LOVE the mismatched chairs and tables. Read the back-story, it's fun and will explain it all.

Next, the food itself. If you're on the dining plan or buying a mug. no, wait... MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A REFILLABLE MUG!!!!!!!! get a Rapid Refill Mug, make sure you have a mug. BUY A REFILL MUG! Did you take that advice? Because if you didnt then all you will hear the castmembers saying is "sorry sir, that cup doesn't work on here. You'll need to buy a special mug". I refilled my mug AT LEAST 20 times and I heard that line EVERY TIME I was standing there. If it doesnt make the magic wand sound, it's not going to work! Pushing the button harder or hitting it wont help! We were informed that if you made a choice and it was the wrong beverage (you wanted Coke but clicked Diet on accident) then just go to the other side of the island as they arent that connected. You will be able to fill with multiple clicks to "top it off" but I wouldnt press your luck as it did seem to shut off after a specific amount of liquid. Which is MORE than the mug will hold. If you dont have a Rapid Refill Mug, your only beverage options are water or anything in a bottle. BUY A MUG!!! All of the food was good. Above park quick service and the wife loved the make-your-owns (pastas and omletes). Dont expect to eat the garlic bread, but do expect to drive a nail with it. If you like creative BBQ pulled pork you MUST get the pulled pork sandwiches!

The bus stops were fine and we never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a bus. PLEASE PLAN AT LEAST 20 MINUTES TO WAIT FOR A BUS!!! IT WILL HAPPEN! It just wont happen every time, it will rarely happen, and you'll make a new friend at the depot! The route for us every time was West, North, East, then South (main building) then on to the parks. Same for dropoff. The only difference was that FQ would be added after South if it was a shared bus on either pickup (only once) and dropoff. All the destinations (except AK) seemed to be about the same time in travel due to stop signs, different bus routes than cars, and general traffic.

Finally, this has been long winded so I'll stop here. Please ask anything, we'd love to share. You will love it at Port Orleans Riverside! It's not for everyone, but there's something for everyone.

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Re: 10/1 - 10/6 POR Trip report

Unread post by Admin » October 8th, 2013, 3:21 am

Thanks for the great report. Out of interest, did you fax your room request in, or just note it via the original booking? I guess the King Room booking does make it harder to honour location requests, as there are not a lot of them.

The tip about the two sides of the beverage island not being network connected is brilliant! However I'm not sure I should mention it in the Refillable Mugs page, just in case they 'fix' it...

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Re: 10/1 - 10/6 POR Trip report

Unread post by shoemakers4 » October 8th, 2013, 8:07 am

You are right on Andre about the mugs. I'd be shocked if they do change the mug setup but you never know. It became a running gag for us whenever we'd see a non-Rapid Refill mug in the seating area. Without missing a beat they'd push the button and nothing would happen, then they'd be shocked, then they'd be directed to where they can buy a mug.

As far as the reservation thing. We had submitted the request with our travel agent (MEI-Mouse Fan Travel) and POR people were aware of our request. I also figured the limited number of King beds was mostly to blame. I guess my bigger point to the whole thing is they are Not very flexible at all when checking in. Not because they dont want to help out, but, because their hands are tied most of the time.

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Re: 10/1 - 10/6 POR Trip report

Unread post by WyoDisney » October 8th, 2013, 10:21 am

Nice trip report. Realistic. In every vacation there are things that go our way and things that don't. It's attitude that counts and yours was great.
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