2016 Room and Package Rates released by Disney

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2016 Room and Package Rates released by Disney

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Walt Disney World released the 2016 Room and Package Rates for their resort hotels, including Port Orleans, at 6am EDT on 22 June. Bookings can now be made via their website or telephone booking line up to the regular 499 day advance limit (meaning the cut-off is currently around 3 November 2016).

The full price structure for all room categories in 2016 is now listed on the Room Rates page.

Prices this year vary from $197/night for the cheapest Value rate Standard View rooms up to $378/night for a Pool View Royal Room at Christmas time. The average increase from last year’s rack rates is 4.54% (French Quarter accounting for about 3.75% of this, with Riverside higher at nearly 5%) so not exactly in tune with America’s current negative inflation rates or its reduction in average hourly earnings. All of which may make staying on-site at Disney in 2016 a significantly more pricey option in real terms for many people.

The premium nature of the various Royal Guest Room categories continues to stay pretty flat compared to the tiering that was in place when the Royal categories were first introduced back in 2012. There is often very little difference between the price of Standard View Royal Rooms and the various higher categories — and at many times of the year, Garden, Pool and River views are all exactly the same price.

I have no idea why French Quarter’s Garden View rooms are currently showing as cheaper than Standard View rooms for most dates. It could be an error within Disney’s pricing systems which will be rectified at some point, or it could be the intended rate. Whichever, it’s currently a bit of a bargain!

Also, for some reason, Pool View and King Bed rooms at French Quarter are now mostly more expensive than the previously top-tier River View rooms. I guess I can understand the Pool View premium price as those rooms give an excellent guarantee of proximity to the main building and also to the bus stop and boat dock, but I’m not sure why King Bed should have followed suit too. Maybe people are starting to realise that you can legitimately request any view type that you want when you book a King Bed room?
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