Work on food locations at French Quarter & POR Muddy Rivers

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Work on food locations at French Quarter & POR Muddy Rivers

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Work will commence in the next few weeks inside the old Bonfamille's Cafe restaurant location at Port Orleans French Quarter in order to prepare it for temporary guest use during August to October this year. This will most likely not be full table service though, so you won't be able to make ADRs in advance. I don't have any exact details of dates to release as yet, but as soon as I know anything more definite I will let everyone know, and I'll also post information on other related work which may be occurring at the resort during the same timeframe... As always, stay tuned for updates and keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, etc.

The Bonfamille's location was last used during Christmas 2015 for a brief two-week table service experience serving cajun-inspired options under the name "Scat Cat's Café", and prior to that it functioned as Walt Disney World's test kitchen facility:

(Photo from Christmas 2015)

In other food-related news, it looks like the Muddy Rivers pool bar at Port Orleans Riverside will soon be installing facilities for limited hot food preparation. Don't get too excited, it won't become a full quick service dining location or anything like that, but there will be simple hot fried food available - french fries, chicken nuggets, wings, etc - prepared to order by the bartenders. See for an idea of the sort of equipment they are planning to use, and it seems that connection points have just been fitted in readiness (I have no idea why they didn't do this during the recent two-month refurbishment period, which you'd have thought would have made a lot more sense):

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