2020 Room Rack and Package Rates released

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The Sassagoula Sentinel
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2020 Room Rack and Package Rates released

Unread post by The Sassagoula Sentinel » June 19th, 2019, 5:37 am

Summary: 2020 Room Rack and Package Rates were released 18 June at 6am Eastern time.

The 2020 Room and Package Rack Rates have been released for US bookings made with Walt Disney World. The prices were showing on the online calendars from 6am Eastern 18 June 2019. More details will follow, but you should probably expect the website and app to be somewhat busy for a few days.

It will take me a while to scrape and process all 365 days of prices in 17 room categories to provide a full breakdown, but a quick spot-check of Christmas 2020 versus this year shows around a 10% hike - way above inflation. Even for the cheapest Standard View rooms, Christmas week goes up from $357.75/night to $391.50/night inc tax, for a Moderate hotel!

Overnight car parking at Port Orleans has also gone up by $1, to $20 per day for all 2020 bookings that are made on or after 18 June 2019.

Oh, and Annual Pass prices went up on the same day, some (such as the Platinum Pass for non-Florida residents) increasing by as much as 25%.

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Re: 2020 Room Rack and Package Rates released

Unread post by Kilo_SSK » June 30th, 2019, 3:53 pm

Eh, great, more milking the customers! I mean, inflation's the same for everyone, for the board of directors as well :lol: but on the other hand, it's still a decent price for such an experience with so many attractions.

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