Scat Cat's closing as we know it, re-opening inside the old Bonfamille's Cafe location - minus popular musical act

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Scat Cat's closing as we know it, re-opening inside the old Bonfamille's Cafe location - minus popular musical act

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Scat Cat's Club at Port Orleans French Quarter will soon be closing as we know it, and re-opening inside the old Bonfamille's Cafe restaurant location - sadly minus the current popular musical duo of Jason Thomas & Billy Varnes. The current location just off the main lobby will apparently become "Beignet Central" - perhaps some sort of coffee and cake shop? It was always a slightly odd location for a bar with live music - being effectively inside the entrance lobby atrium - but why the current entertainment could not have simply been transitioned into the new location I really don't know.

Jason and Billy's last night will be Sunday 29 September, so you've got just over a week to make your last visits. According to Jason on Facebook:
Scat Cat's club is changing! Details are still sketchy, but Scat Cat's, as we know it, will soon be changing into "Beignet Central"!! Scat Cat's Club will be moving into the space previously empty, before that, a restaurant, over by the player piano. Renovations are underway!

I'm very sorry to have to announce that, as part of these changes, there will be new entertainment coming to the "new" club, most likely a Dixieland jazz band. As it stands right now, Jason, Billy and Greg will be ending our four-year Scat Cat's run Sunday night, Sept. 29. We will be planning a big farewell party - details soon! Please make your plans to come and see us at the current Scat Cat's, before we're both gone!
While it's certainly long overdue for the resort to do something about the unused and wasted Bonfamille's Cafe restaurant space, adding another lounge/bar and losing an established and well-liked musical act into the bargain might not have been my first choice... I'll miss Jason and Billy, they are a talented and popular duo and I wish them well with whatever projects lie in their future.

Update on 20 Sept from the Disney Parks Blog:
Soon, things will be jazzed up even more at the resort’s lounge: Scat Cat’s Club. The club will expand to a larger space to serve up signature beverages and flavorful bar options offering a taste of the “Big Easy” in a lounge inspired by the French Quarter in New Orleans.

And just like the French Quarter always has music playing, Scat Cat’s Club will continue to fill the room with entertainment authentic to the New Orleans story, featuring live jazz music five nights a week.

With the expansion of Scat Cat’s Club, the famous beignets will soon be available throughout the day at an all-new location near the lobby, Scat Cat’s Club – Café, making it easier to pick up a piping hot batch. The beignets are made in-house daily, available in classic as well as my favorite seasonal flavor, and many are even served in a signature Mickey-shape!

Whether you’re staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter or craving some sweet beignets and lively music, you’re invited to swing by Scat Cat’s Club to enjoy its timeless charm and new offerings starting this October.
I like the idea of expanding the space allocated for Scat Cat's, which should make for a more atmospheric and laid-back location - and live jazz music will certainly fit in well with the theming of the resort. The current duo of Jason and Billy will be sadly missed though.

There is a fully fitted kitchen there too, left over from Bonfamille's Cafe restaurant and subsequently the WDW test kitchen days, so hopefully they will be able to offer an expanded range of food offerings - although the current selection of enticing choices was pretty good already (such as Chicken and Waffles, Sassagoula Crab Dip, Crawfish Étouffée, Mardi Gras Mac & Cheese, and Bayou Brisket Sliders).

The lobby-based Cafe is a nice concept too, and possibly a better use of that open plan space which never lent itself well to live music. And it's sure good to know that beignets will "soon be available throughout the day"... as opposed to currently, when they are only available a measly 6am until midnight just a few steps away in the food court. :)

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Re: Scat Cat's closing as we know it, re-opening inside the old Bonfamille's Cafe location - minus popular musical act

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Well that's a bummer and awesome at the same time...

I was literally just telling my wife yesterday that on our next trip (in March) that I wanted to finally sit down and watch them perform after years of catching a song or two after returning from the parks...

But, it is nice to see them using the restaurant space again!

Hopefully the transition doesn't take too long since they have supposedly already begun renovations, but it's Disney World so you never know.
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