'Lightning Lane' on Disney Genie+ replaces FastPass+

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'Lightning Lane' on Disney Genie+ replaces FastPass+

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Summary: FastPass+ is dead, long live 'Lightning Lane' on Disney Genie+... but only if you're prepared to pay for it.

We were all expecting it of course, but Disney has now confirmed via a Blog Post that booking up to three attraction times 60 days in advance via the free FastPass+ service is now officially a thing of the past.

Instead, Disney are "incredibly excited" to let guests know that they will now have the opportunity to pay an extra $15 per person per day to be able to reserve the next available ride time at a variety of attractions during their visit. Unlike FastPass+, only one reservation can be active at any given time, and the ability to make your first booking will commence at 7am for on-site hotel guests, or upon actual park admission for anyone else. The ability to reserve a ride time for another park (if you plan to park hop) is included.

There will also be a further 'opportunity' to pay an additional extra surcharge - varying by attraction, park and date - to reserve slots for up to two specific high-demand attractions that are not available via the regular Genie+ service. As an example, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at the Magic Kingdom was mentioned, but further details and prices will be released shortly before the system goes live sometime in the Fall. Just don't expect it to be any sort of a bargain.

I suppose it was inevitable that Disney would need to find ways to recoup some of the millions it lost during the COVID closures and restrictions beyond just ramping up the hotel prices, and in all honesty we all knew who was going to end up picking up the tab.

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