"Ye Haa" Bob Jackson will be returning to Port Orleans Riverside

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"Ye Haa" Bob Jackson will be returning to Port Orleans Riverside

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After a long, loooong, 18 months away from Port Orleans Riverside during the resort's closure, we can confirm that popular evening entertainer "Ye Haa" Bob Jackson was officially contacted by Disney a few hours ago, and he will be back on stage at the River Roost Lounge for his usual sets right from the re-opening date, Thursday 14th October.

Disney hasn't confirmed yet whether the shows will continue to be the same regular four nights as before - Wednesday to Saturday - but currently that is the assumption. Also it remains to be seen how many of the usual activities and fun shenanigans will be possible during the shows to start with. There could well be restrictions on audience participation, and even potentially the need for Bob to wear a mask. More information should be available closer to the re-opening date.

[Update] Bob's shows have been confirmed as being on Wednesday to Saturday, 8:30-midnight, exactly as before. What is not clear yet is whether guests from outside the Port Orleans resorts will be welcome, as some resorts are still only allowing their own hotel guests into their secure parking areas. That probably won't stop external guests from arriving via the Disney bus system though.

Note: Bob has a prior work commitment on Saturday 16th October so won't be on stage at the Port that night.

Bob has said that he will also continue with his Sunday afternoon live-streams for fans who cannot attend the resort in person. See the live video announcement on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yehaabob/video ... 8981734059

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