Dixie Landings / Port Orleans Riverside 30th Anniversary

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Dixie Landings / Port Orleans Riverside 30th Anniversary

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With the tumultuous events of the past couple of years, the 30th Anniversary of the opening of the original Port Orleans Resort slipped by unheeded - sadly the COVID shutters were down and there was no one around to celebrate at the deserted Port Orleans French Quarter on 17th May last year.

However the world has now started getting back to normal, and the 30th Anniversary of the original Disney's Dixie Landings Resort - now known to all of us as Port Orleans Resort Riverside - is a different matter. Thirty years ago today, on 2nd February 1992, the first rustic lodges of Louisiana-themed Alligator Bayou section opened to the public, marking the beginning of a tradition of welcoming millions of guests to the resort's classic Southern Charms alongside the Sassagoula River. For more details of the resort background, please see our History page.

Although I can't be there in person today, I'd like to pass on my own grateful thanks to the current General Manager John Berko and his whole team for the hard work they put in to keeping the resort running smoothly and looking as picture-perfect as it did on opening day thirty years ago. Thank you everyone, and here's to the next thirty years - let's just hope they run a bit more smoothly than the last two!

Happy Birthday Dixie Landings / Port Orleans Riverside!

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