Alligator Bayou final buildings start refurbishment

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Alligator Bayou final buildings start refurbishment

Unread post by The Sassagoula Sentinel » June 24th, 2012, 8:56 am

If anyone was sleeping in an old Alligator Bayou double-bedded room last night, you would have been among the very last few. The final two Alligator Bayou buildings (26 and 35) today go down for refurbishment, so the last of the old rooms (and those old double beds & trundles) will have gone away forever.

Currently, buildings 25, 26, 34 and 35 are down for refurbishment. Two of them (25 and 34) are due back within a week, and the final one (26) should be completed in about four weeks. It really doesn't seem like nearly two years since this all started over at French Quarter does it?

Note: Some Accessible rooms are taking a few days extra after the rest of a building has opened, and if so adjacent rooms are not being occupied while work is being completed. There have been some reports of noise during the daytime from locations <em>behind</em> these Accessible rooms (in building 18 for example, which has more Accessbile rooms than some other buildings)


Meanwhile, over in the Riverside lobby, work is drawing to a close on the refit there too. The construction walls are due to come down tonight, and front desk/check-in services should be operating from their new stations on Monday morning. For tomorrow only, concierge services will remain in their temporary River Roost location, and they will be moved over during Monday night so on Tuesday morning everything should be complete (barring a few very minor finishing touches apparently). Can't wait to see what it looks like!

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