The POR resorts

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The POR resorts

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I’m curious, because of building construction going on at both the other moderates, does Disney have anything planned for the POR resorts? I really hope not, doing what they’ve done at CSR or CBR would totally ruin POR. I’d hate to see a tower or any further building to happen here.
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Re: The POR resorts

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I completely agree with you, very few of the recent resort expansions at WDW have been sympathetic with the original immersive theming of the locations - especially with regard to going vertical to maximise the use of plots of land. The Disney corporate mantra seems to be "build 'em high and sell 'em... even higher".

Thankfully nothing of that nature has been announced for Port Orleans at this time, and hopefully we'll never get to see a DVC Tower blighting this resort. The next planned work is the completion of the Royal Room refurbishments for Oak Manor and Parterre Place, which have been on hold since the original April 2020 target was prevented by COVID. There are no indications that this will happen during the current financial year, but hopefully we may hear something after October.

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