First stay at POR Sep 3 thru 18

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First stay at POR Sep 3 thru 18

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I've been remiss in posting a trip report and still lack the time to prepare a proper one. But I did feel I could offer something brief.

Basically, I would agree with everyone who report this as a great resort. I have previously stayed at AKL, ASM and POP several times. POP has always been a fav but everyone really enjoyed POR and expect to return again 2016.

My biggest contribution and only reason for taking time to post is to recommend taking insect repellent. Have not seen others mention this and you won't find it sold on property so perhaps this summer was unusually bad for misquotes at POR. But everyone in our group got hammered a few times in the evening and we avoided spending more time than necessary out doors there. Never experienced this at other properties including one 8 day camping trip at Fort Wilderness.

That was my only negative offered more for advice than to steer anyone away. I will stay there again but just take some spray in case needed.

Only other tidbits to offer is we found the bus service to be fine. Just learn which bus stops where first from this site under Transportation. For example, we stayed near West Depot and nearly always went there as it is the first stop for most parks. But when going to MK, if memory serves, we went to South Depot.

Lastly, we went to MNSSH for first time on final day after other park tickets had been exhausted. We were still on dining plan until midnight as that was our checkout day so had 5:30 res at Crystal Palace. With event ticket we entered at 4:30, enjoyed dinner and were ready for the official start at 7.

Great way to end the trip. My group included 4 young adults ranging from 20 to 23 (2 of my kids and a friend each) and all really had a blast. We all dressed for occasion and would recommend as it added to the fun. Especially for me as to my surprise was apparently only Darth Maul in the park that night and definitely got attention.

In short, resort was great, take some spray and splurge for a special event if you can and haven't done so before.

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