Gyms nearby?

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Gyms nearby?

Unread post by david_e_watt »

We are starting to plan our WDW 3 weeks for next August 18, and are planning on staying at PO Riverside.

I fully anticipate lots of walking with our 3 Tweens but was wondering about access to any gyms and spas. I see online that Old Key West has an exercise room (for people staying there) and others are listed at

My question is, can I buy day/session passes to any of these so I can lift heavy things, or my wife can relax in a spa for a few hours away from the kids?

Oh, and if we get the Quick Service Dining plan (its free with our package) any advice on where to get HEALTHY food around WDW for the quick service meals and snacks - i.e. lots of fruit and veg, fewer carbs etc? Or would we be better off supplementing the plan with supermarket bought healthy food?

I can just see myself rolling out of WDW gaining weight despite the walking.
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