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Trip Report

Unread post by ursulamom »

Just returned from 8 nights at POFQ. This was at least our 12th stay at this resort and I honestly have to say, our most disappointing. Called several times to request a standard room. Always told none available. Requested buildings 4-6. assigned to building 3 - really dislike staying on that side - feel isolated. Did not check in all the way through as we love the front desk check-in experience. It is part of our trip. Received text as we were walking in that Room 3205 was ready. Went to room - no welcome packet. Also - this must have been a handicapped room at one time as there was a door on bathroom and it was one long area with toilet with bars around it, same sinks and tub/shower. We are a family of 4 including 3 females. We need that separate sink area so that 1 or 2 can get ready there while another takes shower behind closed door. Also need mirror on shower/toilet area door since mirrors over sink are too far away to see anything on your face up close. This room had mirror on outside of door facing room area - bad location and poor lighting. The curtain is needed too for anyone who gets up early and wants to put lights on and use sinks while others still asleep. Housekeeper very stingy with soap and shampoo. Had to ask her for a second bottle and bar by day 3. Finally went to desk on day 6 to get a supply of each. All clocks have been removed from rooms as of August 1. We were told that guests all have their devices so don't need a clock on nightstand. PLEASE PUT THEM BACK. In the middle of the night I can roll over and see the time. Of course we knew that food court was under construction but were disappointed by limited menu - No croissant breakfast sandwiches (our favorite) and no Gold Peak iced tea machine so no white tea with citrus - my favorite - only can find it at WDW. Always a line at Coke machines and syrups often empty. Guests who are not familiar with these machines took far too much time trying to decide. The machines should have been placed at the back of the restaurant where there is a wide path to them and more room, not right by registers and snack cases. Another big disappointment - the beignets have shrunk!!! They are now the size of a large ravioli but the chocolate dipping sauce was delicious. The only thing that saved this trip was the wonderful cast members - all the familiar faces in the restaurant and at the front desk and of course our beloved Arneil at the door.
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Re: Trip Report

Unread post by MardiGroggy »

Sorry to hear this. We just returned from a 3 day stay about a week ago and we were not particularly disappointed in the temporary food court setup. Frankly, we weren't expecting much and we did only visit it during the off-peak times, so we didn't have any wait. We were just happy to spend a little time in that part of the building, as the decor was a nice change. We did most of our meals elsewhere, as we were expecting the temporary operation to be less than what we normally expect from the FQ.

As far as the room goes, and I know this is not any help at this point, we are not shy about asking for a room change if we don't like the assigned room. For example, on this past visit we had a river view room and had requested a third floor room. When we received our room message, it was for a second floor room. Personally, I either want to be on the first floor or the top floor, so we only get noise from one direction. We asked at the desk for other options and two rooms later we ended up with a third floor room in Bldg. 2, which is closest to the boat dock (we spend a lot of time at Disney Springs). There really was no problem with our asking and it only took a few minutes to sort it out. I'm sure it helped that we were dealing with one of the regular CMs who we have gotten to know over the years, but still, it never hurts to ask. It also helps to be able to articulate why a particular room is not desirable, as you clearly did in your post.

And, as always, I encourage you to send feedback, both good and bad, to:
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Re: Trip Report

Unread post by Thorpy »

I agree regarding clocks...for international visitors, they are correct without having to mess about changing zones.
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Re: Trip Report

Unread post by Godalejrbud8 »

Thorpy wrote:I agree regarding clocks...for international visitors, they are correct without having to mess about changing zones.
I asked for a clock and the one they gave me had a LCD display with no light. Not helpful at night when you need it!
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Re: Trip Report

Unread post by Admin »

Godalejrbud8 wrote:I asked for a clock and the one they gave me had a LCD display with no light. Not helpful at night when you need it!
You need to ask for a mains power adaptor too. The clocks run fine on batteries without them, but to have permanent illumination you need to plug them in.

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