Updated forum Terms of Use and site-wide Privacy & Cookies Policy

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Updated forum Terms of Use and site-wide Privacy & Cookies Policy

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With the upcoming GDPR legislation due to come into force in the European Union on 25 May, it has become necessary to update the relatively brief Terms of Use of this forum, and also to create/expand the site-wide Privacy and Cookies Policy. As suggested by the new legislation, I have attempted to keep all the wording as plain-English and simple to follow for non-technical, non-legal, regular human beings as possible - so there are no multiple sub-sectioned clauses, or "hereinafter referred to as...", "including but not limited to...", etc. jargon. I also tried to keep the whole thing as short as reasonably possible while still - I hope - covering everything you might need to know.

You can read just the sections relevant to the forums at Terms of Use and Forums Privacy Policy. By continuing to use these forums, you are automatically accepting the updated terms.

Most visitors should not notice any major difference in the way the site looks or operates (other than the social media icons at the bottom of the pages now have a new look) with the exception of the small number of citizens visiting from European Union countries - about 11% of this site's traffic comes from the UK, and less than 2% from the whole of the rest of Europe. Visitors from the UK/EU (only) will already see some additional GDPR-related text in red at the top of the Privacy Policy page, and after 25 May they will be required to specifically Accept the Terms of the Privacy and Cookies Policy before being allowed to view the site at all. Once accepted, that choice will be remembered for future sessions on the same browser/device so you shouldn't see the message again.

I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause EU citizens, but it's just not worth my while as a part-time, home-based, website owner to spend hundreds of hours trying to even understand all the tiny nuances of the 55,000+ word regulations, let alone attempt re-code an entire established information website to fit around everything in their new bureaucracy. Perhaps once this new law comes fully into force it will become clearer, but for now asking EU users to explicitly accept the Policy "as is" before allowing any further access to the site seems to be the most prudent option.

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