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Posted: May 28th, 2019, 2:53 pm
by Mike
Hi, we are staying at Port Orleans French Quarter (River View Room) during the first two weeks of Aug'19.

We have booked two rooms and were hoping to confirm inter-connecting rooms as my eldest son is autistic but is 19 and requires his own space.

I have read your article on requesting room preferences and understand I need to send a fax in the week before I go to request this, or is it enough to register online before hand?

Also, I am a bit concerned that having only just thought to look at a room tour on YouTube there doesn't appear to be any sort of wardrobe in the room and you hace to hang your clothes next to the sinks and risk the cleaners spraying your clothes with bleach!

Are there any rooms with wardrobes that we could request a preference for which are also inter-connecting?

Appreciate any guidance given.


Re: Wardrobes

Posted: May 31st, 2019, 6:46 pm
by Admin
The only rooms with actual wardrobes are the wheelchair accessible modified rooms, which have a single bathroom/toilet/one-sink area rather than the usual separated areas. They do not have connecting doors though, nor the extra fold-down bed if that is something you might want. To be honest, the rail next to the sinks is fine for most hanging clothe - there's plenty of space, and your clothes won't get splashed from the sinks.

If you have specific needs (rather than just requests) please contact the WDW special disability assistance line in advance to discuss what would make your stay work better, and they will do their best to make suitable arrangements for you.