Port Orleans musicians to entertain virtual Guests online

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Port Orleans musicians to entertain virtual Guests online

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During this unprecedented period of closure at Walt Disney World and the Resort Hotels, some of your favourite resort musicians have let us know that they plan to stream online video gigs for their fans direct from their homes. We may all be having to isolate ourselves from unnecessary physical contact, but that needn't mean missing out on the fun!

[Update] Several of these artists have also set up virtual 'Tip Jars' via PayPal, allowing viewers to contribute in much the same way as you might in person at their live gigs. If you enjoy their shows, please consider supporting the time and effort that they are putting in to help keep us all entertained during this difficult time for everybody.

"Ye Haa" Bob Jackson (popular nighttime piano entertainer at the River Roost Lounge for the past 23 years) will be streaming his first live gig from home tonight, Sunday 22nd March starting at 6pm EST. [Update: and the following Sundays at 6pm too]

Jason and Billy (members of the popular band Off Kilter, and Scat Cat's Club entertainers from 2016 until the recent 2019 location refurb) will be live-streaming a show via the internet on Friday 27 March from 7:30pm - 9:30pm EST. Please join in and support them, see you 'there'. [Update: Further shows on Sunday afternoons, 3pm - 5pm EST]

Greg Hayworth (ex Mulch, Sweat and Shears, and also a regular guest at Scat Cat's Club over the past few years) and his wife played an online request session from beside their swimming pool last night, and they plan more 'Sunset Sessions' each Wednesday at 7pm.

For more information, and to watch the live shows, please follow their Facebook Pages and join in with the live chats to request your favourite songs:
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