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Notice: New users with translated posts / spam signatures

Posted: November 1st, 2012, 6:59 am
by Admin
I've been seeing an increase in translated (often badly) postings from new users, usually 5 relatively random postings from each person, mostly originating from either Pakistan or Philippines IP addresses. I've deleted some posts, placed these users on the moderation queue, and remove their signatures (mostly to commercial sites, so I'm guessing this is a link propagation exercise, but it does seem to be operated by real people rather than just bots as the posts are at least marginally on topic). Links in signatures have temporarily been blocked. If it continues to occur, I'll just start deleting/banning these users without further notice.

If anyone thinks they have been moderated unnecessarily, or they wish to let me know their account is genuine (I don't want to discriminate against people who need to use translation services to post) then please contact me.