French Quarter Accommodation

Discover the Port Orleans Backstory...
Visit the heart of the Crescent City and make yourself comfortable among the Mardi Gras decor. Come home to a cozy guest room near to the banks of the Sassagoula River, where palm and pear trees, oaks, crepe, myrtles and magnolias bloom, and the spirit of jazz lives on.

The 1,008 guest rooms are located in seven three-story buildings, with 144 rooms per building. 59 of the rooms feature one King Size bed instead of the normal two queen bed layout, and 32 rooms have been specially adapted to accommodate guests requiring wheelchair access. Each of the buildings contains three centrally-located elevators.

Building Floorplans and Room Interior Layouts

French Quarter rooms come in five category options: Standard (mostly parking lot views), Garden View, Pool View, River View, and King Bed (which are all corner rooms and could have any of the previous view types). There are no Preferred Location rooms at French Quarter, however the Pool View rooms all provide very convenient access for the main buildings.

Please click on any of the numbered buildings in the map below to view a more detailed floorplan layout of each building with all the category options listed, or you can download a PDF file containing all seven buildings.

French Quarter Map Building 1 (click to see detailed layout) Building 2 (click to see detailed layout) Building 3 (click to see detailed layout) Building 4 (click to see detailed layout) Building 5 (click to see detailed layout) Building 6 (click to see detailed layout) Building 7 (click to see detailed layout)

Port Orleans Room Layout

(Note: adjacent rooms are mirror images of each other, so connecting doorways are always located beside the beds)



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Port Orleans French Quarter, Refurbished Guest Room Interior, August 2018 (Click to scroll, +/- or wheel to zoom)