Guest Photo Album: Darlene Kenney

Port Orleans Riverside, Magnolia Bend Refurbished Room, August 2011

I just returned from a stay at POR (19-Aug-26-Aug) and wanted to share some photos and information with your site regarding my most recent stay there. First off I was lucky enough to get a brand new room “out of the box”! It wasn’t even finished when it was released to us (an oops on Disney’s part). Our room was located in the Magnolia Terrace building, #8557, ground level, cornered against the center corridor facing directly onto the courtyard, under the stairwell.

When we entered the room, the mattresses were still wrapped in plastic with no linens, and the bathroom still hadn’t been dressed with the shower curtain or towels yet. When Thom (one of the construction/engineering managers who directed us to our room) noticed this he immediately called for the room to be finished and applied a $30 credit to our card for the inconvenience (even though I couldn’t have been happier having such a new room). The room was finished in 20 minutes and ready for us to enjoy. I have attached 8 photos of the room that we stayed in if you would like to post them to your site.

They had just starting releasing rooms in the Magnolia Terrace building that afternoon, 19-Aug. Only half of the resort was completely done at the time we checked in and available for guests. By the time we were leaving to go home, a week later, the other side of the resort was starting to be released for use as well.

One interesting conversation I had with Thom was that all the rooms that had been renovated were “dog beg bugged sniffed” prior to being released to guests, by Daisy, one of Disney’s beagle dogs that they have for detecting bed bugs. He said they now have 2 beagles on site for bed bug detection. After hearing this I was greatly relieved to know that I wouldn’t have to worry about a bed bug problem.

Another fact he gave me was that POR has the highest repeat return of guests out of all Disney resorts. I do believe this as my husband and I have been staying at POR since 1994, and truly believe that this resort has the most “loyal” guests.

--- Darlene Kenney

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