Local Shopping and Medical Facilities (non-Disney)

(See the Ground Transportation page for local bus, taxi and hire car information)

Food Shopping and Supermarkets

There are a few essential items available at the hotel gift shops, but at vastly inflated prices of course. For example, an eight-pack of small 12oz water bottles would cost close to the price you would pay for 24 16.9oz bottles at a big supermarket — but still cheaper than buying single bottles in the parks.

The next closest option for very simple basics would be the Speeedway (used to be Hess) gas station opposite the central ‘Landings’ section of Disney Springs — just walk across the main road from the Planet Hollywood area [CLICK FOR MAP].

There used to be a long-established Goodings store in the Crossroads mall at the far end of Hotel Plaza Boulevard, but that has now been demolished to make way for a planned new I-4 access ramp. That was the only supermarket that could be considered walkable from Disney property, and even that was a one mile walk from the Disney Springs area.

If you are driving or taking a taxi, the closest food supermarket to Port Orleans is the Winn-Dixie on South Apopka Vineland Road (SR-535), which is about a 4½ mile drive [DRIVING MAP].

The nearest WalMart Supercenter is in the other direction on Vineland Road, about six miles away from Port Orleans near to the intersection with West Osceola Parkway [DRIVING MAP]. There is also a large Publix grocery store on the other side of the same road [DRIVING MAP] and a Super Target if you continue on to the SR-192 [DRIVING MAP]. A new WalMart Supercenter has recently been built on the SR-192 just south of Disney property, which is convenient from the Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom theme parks and some other resorts, but is about an 8 mile drive from Port Orleans [DRIVING MAP].

Another possible option would be the WalMart Supercenter on the intersection of John Young Parkway (SR-423) and Sand Lake Road (SR-482) as that is on the way to the Florida Mall if you happen to be making a trip there [DRIVING MAP].

Check the WalMart, Publix or Target websites and use their Store Finder facilities to get driving directions and other store locations (Disney’s zip code is 32830).

Local Malls

Shopping is a national pastime in America, and there is no shortage of retail opportunities within the local area once you leave the Disney bubble. Every state and minor road you drive along will be peppered with assorted roadside stores, many of which are tourist traps and perhaps to be avoided (especially any that purport to be offering cheap or free theme park tickets) but give them a try if any catch your eye.

If you prefer a more structured retail experience, there are a number of Malls and Outlet locations in the area. I won’t go into all of them as there are other websites that do that better than this specialised site could do, but a few to consider are:

The Florida Mall. This has been the default ‘go to’ shopping location in the Orlando area for many years, and has regularly expanded to add new offerings and includes a large number of regular stores and several department stores. It is about a 25 minute drive from Port Orleans [DRIVING MAP].

The Mall at Millenia is a newer shopping area located near to Universal Studios, featuring mostly higher-end names, which has become very popular recently. However do expect your resulting shopping basket to be more expensive here! [DRIVING MAP]

If you prefer to go brand-name bargain hunting, look no further than the Premium Outlets. There are two locations relatively close by, with the most convenient being just at the end of Vineland Avenue a mere few minutes away from Disney property. Their free covered parking structure is a nice plus for a bargain shopping location [DRIVING MAP].

Of course you shouldn’t forget to also check out Disney’s own retail space in the newly constructed Landings section of Disney Springs. It’s just a boat ride away from Port Orleans, and is well worth spending a few hours eating, drinking and shopping. It is also a good evening destination for adults if you don’t want to drive.

Local Medical Services

All of the Disney theme parks and water parks have well-equipped First Aid Centers, with qualified nursing staff available during park hours. They can help with all manor of minor ailments and day-to-day bumps, bruises and blisters. They can also provide you with plasters, bandages and a variety of non-prescription medication for pain relief, allergies, sores, blisters, bites, etc. free of charge. The Centers are also able to store your own medical equipment, refrigerate medication, check blood pressure, etc. They even have private areas in case anyone becomes overwhelmed or affected by the Florida heat and needs a quiet space to rest.

At the resorts, the Gift Stores sell some basic medications so it’s worth trying there as your first point of call. Otherwise the nearest pharmacy to Port Orleans is the Walgreens on South Apopka Vineland Road about 4 miles drive from the resort (near the location of the old Crossroads Mall). [DRIVING MAP]

If you don’t have access to a car, you can also have medicines delivered directly to you at the resort for a nominal fee (currently $7.50) by Turner Drugs tourist prescription service. Orders can be placed online, and while there are special handling procedures for prescription items, regular purchases can be dropped off at the Front Desk within a few hours for you. This service is also recommended locally by Disney.

For more serious problems, visit Lake Buena Vista Centra Care (AdventHealth) who are also on South Apopka Vineland Road, just outside of Walt Disney World property [DRIVING MAP]. Walk-ins are available, but it may be quicker to prebook by phone or online.

If you urgently need a doctor or other emergency services, contact the resort Front Desk and they can make arrangements for you if you need help, including providing assistance with getting to your room. One option available is The Medical Concierge, a local company that can send a doctor out to you at your hotel room. They are available 24/7 on 1-855-932-5252, but you should expect prices to start at over $200 — which can be partly offset by medical insurance of course.

The closest hospital, which does have Emergency Room facilities, is Celebration Health, about 10-15 minutes drive from Port Orleans. [DRIVING MAP]