Port Orleans Resort Room Rates

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All of the Port Orleans rooms feature either two Queen sized beds or one King size bed. Riverside’s Alligator Bayou section also features an extra pull-down Murphy bed (approx. 63" x 30") over the banquette bench seat, suitable for a child or small adult. Specially themed Royal Guest Rooms are available in Oak Manor and Parterre Place at Port Orleans Riverside. Please see the Guest Rooms page for further descriptions of the room amenities, photos and a detailed room plan layout.

Effective for reservations made from 21 March 2018 onward, overnight car parking will no longer be the inclusive perk that it has been for resort guests at Walt Disney World for more than forty-five years. Self-parking at Port Orleans will now incur a nightly fee of $19, which will be applied to your hotel folio upon check-out. Theme park parking will remain “complimentary” for resort guests who have already paid the $19 fee, and self-parking at the water parks, Disney Springs and the ESPN Wide World of Sports remains free for everyone. Complimentary self-parking is also available to any day guests and visitors who want to visit any of the Disney Resort hotels to experience the dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation offerings.

Port Orleans Resort Room Rates — 2018

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The USA ‘rack rates’ for Rooms and Packages in 2018 were released on Tuesday 20 June 2017, roughly the same time that they have been issued for the past two years. You can now book rooms and packages with Disney online or via their telephone Reservations Center for 2018 vacations, up to the normal maximum of 499 days in advance.

For the first time ever, the highest daily rates at Port Orleans — a ‘moderate’ resort — exceed $400 per night, which is over the Christmas period in a Royal Pool View or Royal River View room. Ouch! It looks like at French Quarter, King Bed and Pool Views are still considered the premium options now, way higher than River View. Also the variations within the four Royal Room categories often remain fairly minor, so if you’re planning on splurging on a Royal Room then you might want to consider the excellently-located Pool View, or River View, options.

Overall, room prices have risen by an average of 5.54% from last year’s rates, which equates to +13% from two years ago, and +18.4% since 2015. The breakdown by category (included taxes) is as follows:

Riverside Regular Rooms Standard Garden King Pool Preferred River
Lowest Price in 2018 $218.25 $231.75 $265.50 $237.38 $271.13 $271.13
Highest Price in 2018 $339.75 $345.38 $366.75 $351.00 $375.75 $380.25
Daily Average for 2018 $270.69 $278.78 $312.43 $298.31 $318.56 $324.54
Average Daily Increase vs. 2017 6.00% 6.02% 5.19% 5.63% 5.24% 5.22%
Riverside Royal Guest Rooms Standard Garden Pool River
Lowest Price in 2018 $272.25 $277.88 $277.88 $277.88
Highest Price in 2018 $390.38 $396.00 $409.50 $409.50
Daily Average for 2018 $335.43 $341.16 $345.97 $342.91
Average Daily Increase vs. 2017 5.07% 5.01% 5.20% 5.23%
French Quarter Rooms Standard Garden King Pool River
Lowest Price in 2018 $218.25 $223.88 $247.50 $238.50 $235.13
Highest Price in 2018 $339.75 $345.38 $371.25 $365.63 $356.63
Daily Average for 2018 $271.07 $278.45 $311.64 $303.65 $291.17
Average Daily Increase vs. 2017 6.15% 6.31% 6.01% 4.93% 6.52%

I’ve been having real difficulty trying to understand and differentiate the seasonal grouping blocks this year, as many of the blocks now seem to include up to three weekly price points (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday being the cheapest, then Sunday & Thursday, and finally Friday & Saturday at a really hefty premium). This is what is causing all the wild fluctuations in the graphs below. Once I know the seasonal grouping dates I can create average weekly rates for each season type, which should make the graphs more readable and useful.

In the meantime, I’ve created a spreadsheet covering each of the sixteen room categories at Port Orleans for every day in 2018, which you can DOWNLOAD HERE. I did observe that some of the initial prices released on 20 June had changed two days later, so while that list is accurate as of 22 June 2017 there may be some further modifications over time.


POR Rack Rates Graph

POR Royal Rooms Rack Rates Graph

POFQ Rack Rates Graph




To review an archive of older historical room rates, please click here.