Port Orleans Resort Room Rates

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All of the Port Orleans rooms feature either two Queen sized beds or one King size bed. Riverside’s Alligator Bayou section also features an extra fold-down ‘Murphy’ bed (approx. 63" x 30") over the banquette bench seat, suitable for a child or small adult. Specially themed Royal Guest Rooms are available in Oak Manor and Parterre Place at Port Orleans Riverside. Please see the Guest Rooms page for further descriptions of the room amenities, photos and a detailed room plan layout.

The following prices are based on Disney’s published “rack rates” including 12.5% sales tax — i.e. this is the rate you will be charged if you book online or call the Disney Reservation Center and are not entitled to any special discounts. The total cost of your stay is calculated on a night-by-night basis, and for many seasonal periods Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday are the cheapest nights, then Sunday & Thursday, and finally Friday & Saturday are the most expensive.

Port Orleans Resort Room Rates — 2023

 Click here to download Full 2023 Rack Rates as a Spreadsheet 

The USA ‘rack rates’ for Port Orleans Rooms and Packages in 2023 were released at 6am EDT on 8th June 2022. From that date it was possible to book rooms and packages with Disney online or via their telephone Reservations Center up to a maximum of 499 days in advance. A spreadsheet of the daily room rates for all 16 room categories for 2023 can be DOWNLOADED HERE.

Disney bases the room charge on up to two adults per room. For each additional adult (aged 18 or over) there is a $25 per night surcharge (plus tax), which was increased from $15/night in 2018. Additional children are free.

Note: The old Port Orleans Riverside ‘Garden View’ category has now been renamed as Woods View, although the French Quarter equivalent rooms are still referred to as Garden View. Also the Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room Pool View booking category has been permanently discontinued and all 36 rooms previously sold under that name have now been recategorised as Royal Room Woods View like their near neighbours.

Riverside Regular Rooms Standard Standard 5th Sleeper Woods View Woods View 5th Sleeper King Bed Pool View Preferred Location River View
Lowest Daily Rate in 2023 $279.00 $292.50 $294.75 $310.50 $331.88 $300.38 $340.88 $340.88
Highest Daily Rate in 2023 $457.88 $481.50 $484.88 $497.25 $505.13 $487.13 $526.50 $526.50
Average Daily Rate for 2023 $347.03 $363.53 $366.88 $378.20 $401.61 $381.64 $413.41 $418.54
Average Daily Rate vs. 2022 +5.52% +5.81% +5.81% +5.75% +5.76% +5.74% +5.83% +5.84%
Average vs. pre-COVID (2019) +24.13% +26.52% +25.18% +25.72% +24.85% +24.44% +26.14% +25.49%
Riverside Royal Guest Rooms Standard Woods View River View
Lowest Daily Rate in 2023 $340.88 $347.63 $354.38
Highest Daily Rate in 2023 $532.13 $540.00 $562.50
Average Daily Rate for 2023 $428.55 $437.89 $445.52
Average Daily Rate vs. 2022 +5.81% +5.84% +5.81%
Average vs. pre-COVID (2019) +24.24% +24.77% +26.37%
French Quarter Rooms Standard Garden View King Bed Pool View River View
Lowest Daily Rate in 2023 $279.00 $288.00 $316.13 $303.75 $303.75
Highest Daily Rate in 2023 $457.88 $492.75 $531.00 $513.00 $505.13
Average Daily Rate for 2023 $347.23 $367.37 $406.98 $391.18 $381.70
Average Daily Rate vs. 2022 +5.58% +6.02% +5.97% +5.97% +5.94%
Average vs. pre-COVID (2019) +24.20% +28.20% +26.79% +25.48% +27.08%

(All prices include tax at 12.5%)

Port Orleans Rack Rates 2023 Graph

Post-COVID Changes

In 2020, the wheels fell off the world. When the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic took hold, international tourist travel was effectively shut down and countries went into varying degrees of self-imposed quarantine lockdowns. Walt Disney World and its resort hotels completely closed to all guests in mid-March 2020, and while the theme parks started to tentatively welcome local guests again a few months later, the resort hotels would only reopen in gradual phases as travel resumed. It would be a year and a half before the Port Orleans Resorts would open their doors again.

After the complete Resort closure on Friday 19 March 2020, Port Orleans Riverside finally reopened on Thursday 14 October 2021, with French Quarter following two weeks later on Thursday 28 October 2021. Both resorts returned to life gradually, starting at around 10% occupancy levels for the first days, and only slowly ramping up towards more normal capacities over many months. Staffing was a particular issue, as Disney had laid off or transferred all of the cast members working at the Resorts, and even a year later around 85% of the cast members working at Port Orleans were new hires, with all the training complexities that entailed. It also took some time for specific facilities to return — such as Boatwright’s Dining Hall which remained closed until Christmas 2021.

To try to recover some of the lost revenue, prices were increased dramatically compared to the pre-COVID levels, and a number of previously-included services were withdrawn. Perhaps the easiest way to fully compare the hugely complex Disney pricing structures is to work out the rack rate revenue for the entire Resort over a whole year. In 2019, which was the last full year before COVID struck, full rack-rate occupancy at Port Orleans would have resulted in room revenue of $341.8m. In 2022, the first full year after reopening, that exact same calculation returns a result of $406.4m, and in 2023 it rises again to $430m. Clearly the hotels were not running anywhere close to their normal operating capacities, and rooms are often sold at lower prices anyway due to discounts and travel agent packages, but it still reveals an underlying 19% hike in 2022 compared to pre-COVID levels, and a 26% increase by 2023.

 Click here to download Full 2022 Rack Rates as a Spreadsheet 
 Click here to download 2021 Rack Rates (partial) as a Spreadsheet 
 Click here to download 2020 Rack Rates (partial) as a Spreadsheet 
 Click here to download Full pre-COVID 2019 Rack Rates as a Spreadsheet 

And it gets worse for guests. In addition to paying more than a quarter more than before COVID, the following services and facilities, which had always been complimentary perks of staying at the Port Orleans resorts, are no longer available:

One positive note amongst all this unfortunate nickel'n'diming is that the $20/night guest car parking fee, which was actually introduced a few years prior to the COVID closures, has been withdrawn as of January 2023. Car parking is once again free for Resort guests — and it still includes free parking at the theme parks.



To review an archive of older historical room rates, please click here.