The town of Dixie Landings, up river and only a boat ride away from Port Orleans.

Not far from the saucey shores of Port Orleans lies a quaint village of Southern mansions and bayou dwellings called Dixie Landings. This town was founded by a pair of brothers from Port Orleans. Colonel J.C. Peace and his brother Everette came up river to make their own home away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Everette, the recluse of the family, settled on a remote island in the heart of what later became known as Alligator Bayou, to live the life of a hermit.

Oak Manor is one of four beautiful
mansions located in Magnolia Bend.

As for Col­onel J.C., he built a cot­ton mill that brou­ght indus­try to the entire area. With his fortune he built the Acadian House, a beautiful antebellum estate which attracted other wealthy gentlemen to build around him. Before long, a community of stately Southern mansions arose in this tranquil part of the Sassagoula, commonly called Magnolia Bend.

The town of Dixie Landings prospered with the growth of the riverboat building industry that brought many artisans to the town. The historical legacy of the Dixie Landings flourishes today with fine restaurants and stylish shops.

So make it a point during your stay in Port Orleans to take a lazy cruise up the Sassagoula and pay a neighborly visit to a refuge of Southern charm, stately magnolias and country comfort for good food, good fun and the relaxing grace of Dixie Landings.

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