The Marquis de Sirloin Becomes Port Orleans’ First Governor!


Lord and Lady Posh, shown here with Governor
Poupon and Amelia Poupon, were frequent dinner
guests at the Poupon’s elegant dinner parties.

By the middle of the 18th century, the development of Port Orleans was in full swing. The flamboyant Marquis de Sirloin, Pierre Poupon, was appointed to the position of Governor of the Region by the French government. This was destined to bring more colonists into the burgeoning town. The Marquis, well known and liked, and his charming wife Amelia brought a certain elegance to the new city.

Pierre Poupon and Amelia Poupon

The Marquis, determined to make Port Orleans into a culturally significant city, laid down strict building codes and regulations regarding the overall appearance of architectural designs and style. Before long a new cultural identity was taking shape along the banks of the Sassagoula.

The Marquis and his wife were the toast of the region, and many new settlers were indeed making Port Orleans their new home. Bringing commerce and high society together, the once small collection of ramshackle cabins had blossomed into a beautiful city.

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