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This site is basically a “labour of love” which came about as an offshoot from the frequent questions about Port Orleans that I was finding myself answering on various online forums, and the requests for photographs and other information. As such it is not a money-making venture, nor is it supported or sanctioned in any way by the Walt Disney Company. Also, at present I would prefer to keep my advice independent from any specific paid sponsors, although a few companies have already made enquires. So if you see any links on this site, it is because I think they are worth following rather than because someone has paid to put them there.

However there are of course various costs involved in running a site like this — not least of which are the annual fees for web server hosting and other software costs. Some of these are now being offset by the inclusion of Google Adverts at the bottoms of pages, but if you feel that the information on this site has been useful to you — or maybe it has even saved you some money in your vacation planning — perhaps you might consider making a small donation to help with the running costs? Thanks!


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