Downloadable FAQ Files for Bulletin Board Use

A while ago I noticed that several bulletin boards and other sites included sections or FAQs about the Port Orleans Resorts, but that in many cases these were woefully inaccurate or out-of-date. Indeed, one of the largest and best-known fan sites (which should probably remain nameless to protect the guilty...) was still referring to French Quarter’s planned re-opening date of 2004 some four years later.

To help out, I’ve created two simple general-purpose FAQ files, one for each resort, which cover all of the basic questions that people regularly ask. These FAQs are freely available for non-commercial websites to download and use to help their visitors, but I do ask a few simple things:

  1. The embedded “for further details” link back to, and the copyright text, must remain intact.
  2. Anyone using this FAQ on their site should inform me, and must allow me free and unrestricted access to ensure that the content is kept up to date. Obviously I don’t want to be associated with inaccurate or obsolete information as that was the whole point of writing these FAQs in the first place.
  3. Please notify me of any updates which you may from time to time think are required so I can keep these master files up to date, although I do retain the right to make any final editorial decisions on changes.
  4. I reserve the right at my sole discretion to require webmasters to remove my copyrighted works from their site at any time should I feel that they are being used for reasons such as profitable gain, in an inappropriate or unacceptable manner, or outside of the spirit in which they were created.
  5. Legally, I need to say that these FAQs are supplied “as is”, with no implied or expressed guarantee of accuracy. Although I will endeavour to keep them as current and complete as possible, I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or for any repercussions arising from their use or misuse.

With the above in mind, please feel free to use following text files - they already have BBcode and a couple of ready-linked images and a map included, so they are immediately ready to post using standard bulletin board software.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with me via the Contact Page.