Gaston And Francois Poupon Lead Port Orleans’ Architectural Crusade!

This town home was originally the residence of
Governor Poupon and his wife Amelia, designed by their
son, Gaston Poupon, Port Orleans’ famous architect.

The development of Port Orleans was not solely limited to the influence of the Marquis de Sirloin. Although he was a great advocate of harmonious architectural style and unity, he was also a great connoisseur of good living. So it was difficult for the Marquis to devote much time to the details of architecture during the many lavish parties he attended with his wife. The task of implementing proper building guidelines was left to his two sons, Gaston and Francois.

A typical Port Orleans building
designed by Gaston Poupon.

Gaston Poupon had learned his skills as an architect at the Soborne in France. He was well regarded for his unique ability to be innovative while adhering to the classical style of the period. His main influences were developed during an apprenticeship on the island of Martinique. It was here that he designed some of the finest plantation houses in the Caribbean. This task was all the more difficult due to the lack of finished materials and skilled laborers in the Americas. He learned how to simplify the classical look of the period while retaining its formal style.

He was aided in his work by his equally skilled brother, Francois, a botanist who chose the field of landscape architecture as a vocation.

Francois had a much easier time with his trade due to the very favorable growing climate afforded him in the rich Sassagoula delta. The boulevards and formal gardens he designed were clearly distinguishable by his personal touches. He favored open gardens with hanging baskets of flowering plants. The gates and fences of the city almost always carried flowering vines of all types. The combination of his beautiful gardens and Gaston’s architecture culminated in a most picturesque city that left visitors enamored by its grace.

It was evident that the Poupon brothers’ crusade to make their city into the fairest of the New World was eminently successful. Port Orleans welcomed visitors from Europe and the northern parts of North America every winter with a cascade of fair weather and scenic vistas.

Francois Poupon, a landscape architect, greatly influenced the look of Port Orleans as evidenced
by the great number of courtyards and gardens that graced nearly every Port Orleans home.

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