As Delta’s First Morning Daily Newspaper!

Cuenta D’Arnet, better known as poet Ruby Rivers,
at the Sentinel’s one printing press.

It was a natural progression from poet to publisher for Elizabeth Cuenta D’Arnet, the founder of the Sassagoula Sentinel. Known to locals as Ruby Rivers, D’Arnet was firmly established as “The Poet Of The Delta,” for her popular verses that highlighted the virtues of living in the Sassagoula delta. D’Arnet realized that as the city continued to grow, it would need its very own newspaper.

The Sassagoula Sentinel was an instant success when the first edition hit the streets in 1835. Using her knowledge of the people and their customs, D’Arnet produced a daily that highlighted the cultural, financial and culinary news of the bustling little city. She introduced a regular series of columns that quenched her readers’ thirst for gossipy news and civic happenings. But more than anything else, the Sassagoula Sentinel linked the people of Port Orleans together.


Sentinel Prov­ides Jobs for City’s Youth!

Cuenta D’Arnet gained a permanent following when she put the city’s youth to work delivering her morning edition. Knowing what an elaborate affair breakfasts could be, D’Arnet took advantage of the early morning hours to distribute the previous day’s news. No breakfast was complete without the Sassagoula Sentinel nearby. And by hiring the city’s future business leaders to deliver her paper, D’Arnet established a loyalty that ensured a steady readership, generation after generation.

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