Lock, Stock & Dinner Bell!

Spanish wrought iron became a common
architectural trait in Port Orleans.

A sudden chill came across the region in the fall of 1763 when news arrived that France had given the entire territory to Spain as part of a war settlement. At first it was thought that all that had been accomplished in Port Orleans would be destroyed. When the Spanish delegation arrived, that notion was quickly put to rest.

The Spanish enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Port’s citizenry and they lavished in the charming ambiance they found in the city. The people of the city in turn adopted many cultural traits from their new neighbors.

Before long, a cultural harmony took place. The Spanish culture influenced Port Orleans’ architecture and cuisine in a favorable way adding to the city’s uniqueness.

The cultural exchange between the Spanish and French was a cordial affair in Port Orleans. Gaston Poupon himself married a Spanish senorita and their wedding was a civic event that seved as a significant ceremony linking the two cultures.

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