Magnolia Terrace

The Honeyworths’ Home

The beautiful Sarah Honeyworth,
daughter of Colonel J.C.

When Buford Honey­worth III married Colonel J.C.’s daugh­ter Sarah, the two came to Dixie Land­ings intent on doing well by doing good. With the Sassagoula Steamboat Company, they accomplished both.

A detail of one of the many
stairways at Magnolia Terrace.

At first, as Buf­ord form­ulated his plan for his steam­boat comp­any, they lived with Sarah’s family in the stately Acadian House. But as the transportation enterprise thrived, Buford insisted on a family home of their own. The Colonel, having taken a true liking to the young entrepreneur and surely wanting to keep his lovely daughter nearby, offered the Honeyworths the prime parcel of land where today we see the elegant Magnolia Terrace.

Sarah, to whom the beautiful home was an endless source of pride and joy, named it for the fragrant Magnolia flowers which grew naturally all around the grounds. It was she who, in her refinement and gentle breeding, lent the mansion its air of quiet sophistication and style so evident in the gardens that surround the home. Today, guests at Magnolia Terrace are still inspired by the delicately detailed picket fence and trellis, and a sense of awe is aroused by the home’s simple courtyard and white-columned entranceway.

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