The famous city of Port Orleans, down river from Dixie Landings.

Settled by an unlikely mix of French explorers, Spanish aristocrats, pirates, magicians and musicians, Port Orleans is a city whose history is rich with fearless founders, flamboyant fashion and a deep sense of family tradition.

In the early 18th century, Port Orleans flourished with its own unique combination of French and Spanish architecture, the moody mysteries of the bayou and the charm of real Southern hospitality. Soon, this once far-off frontier settlement prospered on a foundation of family business and a rich mixture of cultures. And it was just these qualities which eventually spread up the Sassagoula to establish and enrich Dixie Landings.

One of Port Orleans’ famous street jesters.

Today, there’s no doubt about it, Port Orleans is the place “au choice” for the hearty party known as Mardi Gras every day of the year. From the sizzling spark of Creole cuisine to the red-hot sounds of Dixieland jazz, this Port really cooks. (Of course, that makes a dip in Doubloon Lagoon — the cool Port pool watched over by Scales, a fantastic sea serpent jazz fan — a relaxing, refreshing time out.)

So make it a point during your Dixie Landings stay to take a trip down the mighty Sassagoula and drop in on the Southern city that made good food, good fun and good friends a way of life in Louisiana.

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