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Free Dining Offer for Fall 2015, limited Port Orleans dates

Posted Monday 27th April 2015, 9:10am (EDT) by The Sassagoula Sentinel

Disney has today released their Free Disney Dining Plan offer to encourage bookings for the slower Autumn/Fall season, valid for visits commencing on selected dates between 28 August 2015 and 21 December 2015. However, once again, the deals available for guests planning to stay at Port Orleans are very limited.

Port Orleans French Quarter has been completely excluded from the offer again this year, while Riverside has a few rooms available for the first month only, from 28 August to 2 October. I'm guessing that those will probably sell out fairly quickly though, so get your bookings in quickly if you don't want to miss out. Note: you will need to book a non-discounted stay of at least three nights, with a minimum of two days worth of park tickets, in order to receive the standard Dining Plan for everyone in your party for the entire length of your stay.

For more details on this promotion, and for other deals and money saving offers related to Walt Disney World (including a new Late Summer offer giving 20% discounts on rooms at both Riverside and French Quarter) I highly recommend a visit to MouseSavers.com. It's well worth checking to see what other deals are available on the dates you plan to travel, as unless you are a group of 3+ people staying in one room, and are big eaters in the first place, it can sometimes work out cheaper to get a better room-only discount and then pay for food as you go. 'Free' dining isn't always quite the deal it first seems once you crunch the numbers.

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Top Ten Reasons for Choosing to Stay at Port Orleans

Posted Saturday 25th April 2015, 5:00am (EDT) by Admin

I've lost count of the number of times I've been asked for my opinions as to what sets the Port Orleans resorts apart from the myriad of other places to stay within the Walt Disney World area. There are so many reasons to choose from, as a brief browse around this website will quickly confirm, but I've just created (for what it's worth anyway) my own personal Top Ten List.

I'd love to know if you think I've missed anything out - what are the special reasons that bring you back to the Port year after year...

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POFQ Bus Stop Refurbishment Work Commencing 13 April

Posted Saturday 4th April 2015, 10:45am (EDT) by The Sassagoula Sentinel

Orlando Park News is reporting that the bus stop at Port Orleans French Quarter will be closed for refurbishment work starting on Monday 13th April:

"Guests staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter should note that the hotel's bus stop will be undergoing a refurbishment starting April 13. During this refurbishment, the bus stop (which serves the entire resort) will be temporarily relocated near Building 3."

As of now, the reopening date of the main bus stop has not been confirmed.


Update on 24 April:

The temporary bus stop is in the parking lot behind building 3 (so just on the other side of the main lobby building to where the normal bus stop is located) and they have set up a tented covered area, with seating and some potted plants, for people to wait. I know that the work includes replacing some concrete, but I'm not sure of anything else that might be planned (e.g. a wait-time screen?). See DISboards Port Orleans French Quarter Q&A Thread for a few photos.

Update on 30 April:

The main bus stop at Port Orleans French Quarter will be re-opening tomorrow (1st May) after three weeks of work replacing roadway concrete.

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Riverside Laundries switching to card-only payment machines

Posted Monday 30th March 2015, 6:49am (EDT) by The Sassagoula Sentinel

Following a successful trial over at French Quarter, the Port Orleans Riverside laundry machines are also now switching over to cashless payment, and will soon only be able to accept card payments.

As of the end of March 2015, both of the mansion building laundry rooms have already been converted, as has the Alligator Bayou laundry next to the quiet pool by building 18. The room by the 'twenties' pool is currently closed while work is completed on swapping the machines, leaving just the final laundry room in the Alligator Bayou thirties section to be completed very soon.

Note: As Disney is using an off-the-shelf card processing solution, there is no facility for guests to pay using Magic Bands or even old-style Disney Key to the World cards. However, as no ZIP code or PIN entry is required, any credit, debit or pre-loaded dollar payment card should work - including internationally issued cards - just as long as they have a magnetic stripe on the back.

Update on 4 April: Work is apparently now complete, all of the laundry rooms have been updated.

The new machines (including the existing ones over at French Quarter) are also internet connected. Yes, really! You can check on the current status of any of the washers and driers at Port Orleans via the website http://www.laundryview.com/disneyworld/ using either a computer or a mobile device, which allows you check for available machines and also to see when your own load is finished.

Image Image

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Riverside's Bob Jackson to play at new Boathouse restaurant

Posted Saturday 28th March 2015, 5:30pm (EDT) by The Sassagoula Sentinel

Update from Bob regarding this project:

"I was hoping to pick up some shifts on my nights off from the Port at a new Restaurant at Disney Springs called The Boathouse. Unfortunately, the gig was unable to launch before we could play the first note!"

Original Story:

Port Orleans Riverside's popular resident evening entertainer, the legendary "Ya Haa" Bob Jackson, will be soon spending even more time performing at Walt Disney World when the new Boathouse Restaurant opens as part of the Disney Springs development at Downtown Disney.


Bob is tentatively scheduled to start working at the new restaurant on his nights off from Port Orleans - does the man never sleep?! He'll apparently be playing on the water taxi there, and will be performing instrumental jazz standards with a sax player from 4pm-10pm on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. The restaurant hasn't officially opened yet so the schedule below is still subject to change, based on a currently planned opening date of Monday 13 April.

Note: Bob has a personal day-off planned for Friday 10 April, so he won't be performing at the River Roost Lounge that day.

Wed 01 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Thu 02 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Fri 03 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Sat 04 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Sun 05 April - Ocoee Christian Church (10:45am-noon)
Mon 06 April - Off
Tue 07 April - Give Kids the World
Wed 08 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Thu 09 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Fri 10 April - OFF
Sat 11 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Sun 12 April - Ocoee Christian Church (10:45am-noon)
Mon 13 April - Boathouse (Disney Springs)
Tue 14 April - Boathouse (Disney Springs)
Wed 15 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Thu 16 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Fri 17 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Sat 18 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Sun 19 April - Ocoee Christian Church (10:45am-noon), Boathouse (Disney Springs)
Mon 20 April - Boathouse (Disney Springs)
Tue 21 April - Boathouse (Disney Springs)
Wed 22 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Thu 23 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Fri 24 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Sat 25 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Sun 26 April - Ocoee Christian Church (10:45am-noon), Boathouse (Disney Springs)
Mon 27 April - Private Event
Tue 28 April - Boathouse (Disney Springs)
Wed 29 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)
Thu 30 April - River Roost Lounge (Riverside)

Bob's schedule can also be found on his website, or subscribe to his monthly email newsletter.

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